IT consulting

Our key IT Consulting service offerings include:
Service Oriented Architecture
Business Process Management
Enterprise Architecture
Offshore Advisory Services
Technology Advisory and Adoption Services.

IT consulting

We believe that the Internet and most importantly your company's web site shouldn't be a mystery to you. Roweb Development offers consulting in the following areas:

  • Web Site Project Planning
  • Defining your sites' purpose
  • Project layout, management
  • Budget Analysis
  • Long-term planning for your site (maintenance & updates)
  • Site Design & Development
  • Putting together the right team

Company Image and the Internet

  • Maintaining your Company's image through appropriate design.
  • Creating the right impression from your web site.
  • Choosing your domain name.
  • Site Design & Development.
  • Integrating your web site with existing Marketing initiatives.


  • What technologies should you use to develop your site? (look at long term trends and short term fads)
  • Budget analysis, in respect to both which technologies to use, and how to plan out the implementation of various stages of your site.
  • Hosting your site, what you need.

Internet Marketing

  • Developing a long term marketing strategy for your web site.
  • Integrating with existing marketing strategies.
  • Search Engine Submissions, Positioning and their role.
  • Whatever your consulting needs we will take the necessary time to ensure you understand the technologies and processes involved in your Company's Internet venture.

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