Quality Assurance

Roweb provides testing and QA for any type of project, to ensure that your product meets the users' exact needs. We help you choose the approach that works best for your project and context:

  • "by the book" end-to-end testing will be built in the development process
  • customized testing processes will be adjusted to your specific requirements
  • fast forward testing will ensure your product meets the standard needed to be launched in the shortest possible time

Why do you need QA?

The purpose of testing is not just to compile a list of defects, but to build trust. Trust is essential for everyone involved with the product, from the development team, to the marketing, sales and support teams, to the end user. Quality always gives a common purpose to all involved stakeholders.

Quality Assurance also helps with fine tuning team work, optimising communication and adhering to good practices at development and implementation level, specification level and product release level.

What risks do you face if you don’t test?

Many think that they can fight fires “when and if” they occur. But with any type of project, fires always occur. The complex world we live in forces everyone to be faster, smarter, cheaper. And it’s too easy to make cuts hoping that quality will not be affected. A bug that reaches the public could affect all users, prevent a particular type of customer in a particular time of day from buying the product, and possibly cost your business millions. It’s always easier to prevent than to treat.

QA scheme

It’s preferable to have a self explanatory and user friendly product rather than overspend on a large support team.

Even if the product does not have any actual defects, the project stakeholders can get the impression of instability and that’s enough to doom its fate.

Repeated good practices create good reflexes. With time, high quality becomes a natural way of doing things, and the cost drops.

Our testing services

Types of testing

  • Unit Testing
  • Component testing
  • Integration testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Functional testing
  • Regression testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Performance and load testing
  • Smoke testing
  • UI Testing
  • Security and penetration testing
  • Defect management
  • QA Audit & Process improvement

Types of execution

  • Manual testing
  • Automated checking

Types of projects

  • Web applications
  • Mobile apps
  • API services

Types of tools

  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Katalon Studio platform
  • Appium
  • Apache JMeter
  • TestLink
  • Atlassian JIRA
  • Trello
  • Bugzilla
  • Mantis
  • Jenkins

Why choose Roweb to test your product?

Our expertise is very well anchored into the coding and development process. Our QA experts have a previous programming background, which has shaped their standards for quality, clear communication and processes, pride in the results. To this they added years of testing training and experience. They know both sides of the story behind a defect.

Our project managers and business analysts have extensive practical experience with specification refinement and user acceptance testing before also being trained based on the best QA practices in the industry.

At Roweb we know how to develop high quality solutions.

Our customer satisfaction rate shows that our programmers and QA Specialists offer testing services designed to help customers enjoy effective software solutions.

We use Agile and DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Our quality assurance and quality control team is ISTQB trained, and its members constantly upgrade their game by keeping up with industry trends.

Adjustable testing effort

Just like our entire Software Development Cycle, the Quality process is also flexible and can be customized according to your needs.

With your help, we can design a continuous testing approach or use just enough resources of time and tester hours to produce the maximum possible validation of the software product or its core features.

Particularly for this, we adhere to the “test early, test often” industry best practice.

Aiming for 100% test and 0% defects is a perfect plan to fail, for time or cost reasons. It is important to know what to test, where to test and when to test, so that it really has the most beneficial impact on the product.

The only purpose of testing is building trust.

Not by words, but by metrics and continuous transparency and feedback.

We know how to test different relevant scenarios, and not test the same type of scenarios multiple times, in order to be optimal.

QA specialists are involved, from the very beginning, in the software development process of the project or application to understand the specifications, needs and expectations correctly. Thus, joining the client's business perspective and the programmers' expertise, the tester ideally completes the team, influencing the quality of the final results.

We know how to swap for defects

Beside this initial defect refinement from the specification/planning phase, we thoroughly design a test plan for the entire functional spectrum of the software product, or we fine tune a risk based approach for the most critical parts of it.

We present to you the strategy and start performing it only after we have your approval. We provide you with periodical reports and metrics that ensure full transparency of the testing/quality effort outcome. We can run manual exploratory testing using the expertise of our testers in asking meaningful questions, or can periodically run automated checks that inform the development team early on a critical defect appearing on the latest updates, or combine the strengths of both approaches.

Featured Case Study

Project: Tourpaq QA

Tourpaq provides software solutions for tour operators, through a platform that we built during our long-standing collaboration. Our QA services ensure that is always ready to meet the customers' needs.


Target Process, Katalon Studio (Selenium, Appium), Microsoft Visual Studio, Jetbrains ReSharper, dotCover, dotTrace, Jenkins

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