Tourpaq QA

Tourpaq provides software solutions for tour operators, through a platform that we built during our long-standing collaboration. Our QA services ensure that the highest level of quality is built into these solutions.


Target Process, Katalon Studio (Selenium, Appium), Microsoft Visual Studio, Jetbrains ReSharper, dotCover, dotTrace, Jenkins

tourpaq development team

Our collaboration with Tourpaq has been one of our longest-standing.

Our client is a Danish company that provides software solutions for tour operators. Their solutions for travel agencies and tourism services providers include data structure and SEO tools, finance management and payment monitoring tools, ticketing and credit management, automatic price optimisation tools, CRM and marketing solutions and 2 mobile applications that tour operators can have customized and offer it to the end-users.

tourpaq development team tourpaq development team

The platform now makes it much easier for tour operators tCLIENT'S manage all activities with as little human input as possible.

Customer relationship management, customer satisfaction surveys, promo campaigns and special offers, self managed supplier communication and reporting, invoicing and multiple statistics, forecasting and automatic price optimisation, integration with large industry providers – these are only a small part of the complexity of the platform.

Because of this level of complexity, it was important to also focus on quality assurance since the time the product was beginning to mature, more than 8 years ago. To enable our client to transform the world of Tourism and Hospitality, we have been using exciting new techniques and the best practices that the Software Quality industry has to offer, and we have been improving our QA processes along the way.


As the complexity of the project was growing fast, the Quality Assurance approach has evolved

  • The Development team grew from 2 to 7
  • We didn't have a dedicated tester, the developers were crosstesting new functionalities
  • Reviewing defect occurrence
  • Using best practice guidelines to follow
  • In the next phase, we added 1 dedicated tester for manual testing
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Fast detect management procedures
  • Unit testing core coverage
  • Wiki and video user documentation
  • Introducing automation testing
  • Since 2017 we’ve had 3 dedicated testers, for automation testing, for regression, load and security testing
  • Mobile app testing
  • Aiming for continuous integration and deployment
  • Early feature specification and process feedback
  • Useful and transparent metrics to enpower managers

We now continuously cover the quality assurance for the project with a team of 3

Handling automation testing, manual testing, customer support, requirement refinement, documentation and other processes.

Using this approach, we combine fast regression testing and early feedback on the stability of the overall system with the intuitive approach of different manual scenarios for new features.

The team’s processes and procedures are also constantly improved along the way, in the purest agile fashion, dropping the bad and keeping the good. All this results in easier communication, clearer feedback, faster blockage solving and future-proof solutions being applied when needed.

The tools that we use are:

  • Target Process - for agile management of requests, user stories and bugs, manual test case management and progress metrics
  • Katalon Studio (Selenium, Appium) - for web and mobile automation test design, execution and reporting
  • Microsoft Visual Studio - for load test and unit test
  • JetBrains ReSharper, dotCover and dotTrace - code review, profiling and performance
  • Jenkins - for continuous deployment and continuous integration
  • tourpaq development team
  • tourpaq development team
  • tourpaq development team
  • tourpaq development team
  • tourpaq development team

Some of the most challenging aspects we successfully handled during QA servicing Tourpaq:

  • Holding on to quality while allowing a fast development pace that implements very innovative business ideas to help optimize the travel management process.
  • Covering the system's main goal: "strictly no hands" and many automated actions that the system is doing with great reliability.
  • Embracing customization development for each new company in the system, with specific business interest areas.

The deliverables that the quality effort produces include:

  • Transparency of the development process through charts and metrics regarding man hours on new features and bugfixing.
  • The list of test cases written for the complex scenarios occurring in high risk areas.
  • Status of the test case manual execution before releases.
  • Charts, metrics and logs regarding the automated test runs.
  • Practical user documentation in form of wiki and video presentations