Roweb offers a full range of Knockout.js development services that take advantage of Knockout’s MVVM structure, dependency tracking and declarative bindings to create light-weight, highly usable web apps.

Knockout is a JavaScript library that aids you to create responsive and rich display with a comparatively cleaner underlying data model.

Knockout implements Model-View-View Model (MVVM) design pattern for JavaScript. It provides a simple two-way data binding mechanism between your data model and UI, means any changes to data model are automatically reflected in the DOM(UI) and any changes to the DOM are automatically reflected to the data model.

What is so lucrative about Knockout.js?


Exclusive Dependency Tracking

Automatically updating the right parts of your UI with the slightest change in the data model.

Declarative Bindings

It gives you the provision to connect parts of your UI to your data model with ease

Easily extensible

Implement custom behaviours as new declarative bindings for easy reuse in just a few lines of code

Roweb specializes in working with Knockout.js thanks to a dynamic team with more than a decade of experience in dealing with JavaScript services. We have in depth knowledge about the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) structure and a crystal clear understanding of the observables and bindings.

This helps in creating simplified data based user interfaces, binds the UI to the underlying data model and helps in changing the data model when there is a change in the UI and vice versa.

Leveraging of our Knockout.js professionals’ expertise, we adopt industry best-practices and methodologies, delivering comprehensive solutions for any industry vertical.


KnockoutJS advantages:


The display gets more alive and the user experience richer as these features simplify the specs of complex relationships between view components. Items can be represented as JavaScript array, then by using a for each binding the array can be transformed into a TABLE or set of DIVs while the User Interface stays in sync.

Knockout is a complementary high-end solution to link a data model to a User Interface, without being dependant on jQuery. In the same time jQuery is not excluded if animated transitions are needed.

Knockout offers a clear separation between domain data, view elements and data to be displayed besides a clearly defined layer of specialized code to manage the relationships between the view elements.