DELIVERY APP (Ordering & Transportation App Development)

Ordering and transportation made easy through a user-friendly and sales-booster app. From early adoption to customized version - our dedicated dev teams are ready to turn your business needs into a sales generator.


iOS - SWIFT, Alamofire, Google maps, iCarousel, SDWebImage, CryptoSwift, DataCompression Android - Kotlin, Retrofit + RxJava2, Google maps, Room, Glide, Dagger 2

What is DELIVERY APP (Ordering & Transportation App)?

Ordering and Transportation App is an online sales app that can be successfully adapted to various companies (from small businesses to large ones) and industries (retail, restaurants and pubs, courier services, etc.)









Online Store - a dedicated module where specific products can be traded and which integrates 3 ways for displaying the offers:

New arrivals

The products are listed in categories and subcategories with multiple actionable options:

  • smart filters based on specific criteria;
  • add to favorites;
  • add to the shopping cart;
  • place an order;
  • orders archive.

Public Market - connect main trading parties (vendors, clients, courier/transportation services providers) through a dynamic marketplace platform that:

  • is able to attract and support high traffic volume;
  • hosts offers from various vendors;
  • provides sales trackings with accurate metrics.

Delivery Management System ( courier, delivery booking and tracking) - multiple options for booking a delivery/courier/transportation service:

  • fast matching orders with available services;
  • real-time tracking;
  • real-time request details update (delivery address, date, ordering volume, etc.);
  • easy-management and visualization for in-progress orders.

Faster and easier orders management through intuitive tools within reach

  • Password protected LogIn
  • Easy offer uploads & updates
  • Fast overview for all orders from all the providers
  • Orders history with status for each item
  • Push notification for every new message/order/new update
  • Flexibility in selecting and managing orders
  • Real-time access to order’s details and status
  • Instantly display the order’s details and route on the map
  • Nearby orders' mapping
  • Instant route mapping: once an order is accepted

From product offers, recommendations/ comments to transportation services - everything is only one click away from your clients.

  • Personalized & secure LogIn
  • Fast access to services (public market, online store, transportation services)
  • Quick access to updates - from HomePage can visualize announcements, promotions, and latest arrivals
  • One-click transportation ordering
  • Simplified transportation ordering through autofill for predefined addresses
  • Dedicated support section where the client can see the status for every issue (eg., fixed or ongoing) or add a new one by filling in a short form
  • Flexible payment optionsFlexible payment options
  • My Transportation Orders dashboard
  • Access to customized fields for deliveries requests: set-ups for order volumes, delivery date, providers’ preferences, etc.
  • Dynamic ordering tools (place an order, cancel an order, delivery man’s name,etc.)
  • Favorites locations customization - add or edit favorite delivery addresses.

The advantages of having your own customized DELIVERY APP (Ordering & Transportation App)

  • responsiveness to customer specific or contextual needs;
  • intuitive and up-to-date online sales app;
  • ordering system at client’s fingertips;
  • smart managing and tracking deliveries system;
  • 0% commission for deliveries & courier services;
  • opportunity to upgrade and communicate fast your business offer;
  • great control over sales and delivery processes.

Early adoption or customized app?

We have developed a flexible Ordering & Transportation App prototype, able to respond to your company’s specific needs:

Are you searching for a fast online sales app development and implementation with basic and functional features?

We can adapt the current version and deliver it in only a few days;

Are you interested in developing a customized DELIVERY APP (Ordering & Transportation App) with specific add-ons and features?

Our developers are ready to take over all your requirements and turn them into functionalities.

Dedicated development team for your Delivery App

You can count on our 127 skilled professionals to turn your needs into a functional app.

Project managers
Business analysts
Q&A specialists
Scrum masters
UX Designers

How to get a Delivery App for your company

YOU send us the details & requirements for your project
WE deliver you a project development proposal
YOU validate the proposal
WE start building your project
WE constantly keep in touch on the project’s progress

“It’s been two years and a half since I started dealing with Roweb. And we have done three projects so far. All of these products delivered as planned with expected quality. I like the way Roweb handles these projects, where you combine simplicity with professionalism. Therefore, I am thankful for that and I am keen to continuum dealing with Roweb and even to improve the relationship to the next level.”

Khalid Salman, COO



What guarantees do you offer for this delivery app?

From technical support to operation, and financial guarantees (Money-back if something doesn’t work accordingly to the project’s requests in the first 30 days) - we deliver a headache-free online sales app prototype;

Do you offer access to a demo to test the app?

Once you send us your request, we get back to you with a financial estimation + link to a DEMO version of this app.

What if I need to change something in the app later?

The functionalities presented above are only standard features. We can develop, create, and implement from scratch new ones according to your specific/contextual needs. So, no worries: once your company grows, your Ordering & Transportation App can be adapted to more complex or specific requests.

How fast can you deliver me this app - customized with all my company’s brand elements?

For early adoption, we usually deliver this online sales app in less than 5 days.

Can I see more projects on mobile app development? (for other industries)

Updating our portfolio is a work-in-progress activity. Though, you can check out our dedicated page for mobile app projects to see some relevant examples for various industries (tourism, financial, events, restaurants, healthcare, fleet management, etc.)