We integrated for Warbble specific features into the social media platform, helping them achieve their goals.


PHP, Codeigniter, Angular, Redis, Ajax, Sockets


Warbble is a company from Ireland that has developed a small platform for social media management.

They needed a dedicated development team able to understand their needs and expectations.


Our team had to work with various new ideas, so every iteration began with a sprint planning meeting.

We established a workflow that allowed us to work faster and better. We optimized the platform's features and integrated them all together (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Drive APIs). About 90% of the platform was Roweb custom made.
Also, we took into consideration any other possible development needs when we built the structure.

Roweb team overcame many challenges when they refactored the way the social APIs were consumed; the result was fewer calls to the APIs and no waste in terms of collected information.


Due to an goof understanding of their needs and challenges, we integrated specific features into the platform.

We worked with Scrum; The agile methodology helped us complete useable sections of the project that presented business value. The communication process was smooth which was an important factor in the overall success of the project.

The main features are:

Post management dashboard:

It gives the possibility to post or schedule posts for multiple social networks and their associated accounts. Considering the needs of the project, we added various attributes, such as the possibility to add images and texts, to share links with a custom URL parser- to generate previews for the respective social media platforms in their specific formats (a problem which we solved and perfected over time).

We also added a feature that helps users to receive notifications for the post’s status; this gives the possibility to monitor the posting process at any time. Also, it allows users to check their history; for example, they can review previously posted items and repost them at a later time, if it’s suited for their campaign.

Suggested posts:

A place where the website admins and designers could create a post template for the end-users’ needs and the user could edit it or post it as such to their respective accounts.

Feed Page:

We simulated each social accounts’ news feed, with the possibility to respond to comments, like, react and other social platform-specific features.

Content Arena:

This feature represents a custom image editor; It includes both default editable designs and custom editable, as well. For the tailored designs, the user has the option to edit a design, element by element, or as a single image.

Campaigns’ Manager:

This feature represents a digital campaign dashboard where users can launch campaigns tailored to their needs. More precisely, it offers the possibility to publish posts, according to the promotional needs, at specific times and for specific audiences.


It provides analytic data and graphs hourly, daily, weekly and monthly- it shows received likes, comments, reactions for all the social media platforms that we integrated.

Social Calendar:

It's about the integration of the social posts into a drag-and-drop calendar, which involves all previously mentioned features. This helps with the rescheduling, the editing process and also, it keeps track of the posts. So, all scheduled posts are visually displayed and easy to manage in a calendar.

Account manager:

Users can add multiple accounts to the platform with limited and controlled access, depending on their needs. Also, permissions can be set to grant other users, or content managers, impersonate feature to their account and post on their behalf.

Content wall:

It gives the possibility to research articles, images, videos and links for any preferred topic, from a great list of media platforms. The suggestions on the content wall represent trending topics.

Other features for the admins:

  • Leads based on the client’s interests;
  • Social media monitoring & statistics;
  • Suggested follows (influencers);
  • Account management;
  • Licenses for different accounts;
  • Suggested trending topics that offers the possibility to be in line with the latest trends.

Client’s benefits

  • Flexibility and responsiveness, enabling us to implement new improvements on a regular basis;
  • The right blend of technical skills to build a complex custom solution;
  • Ease of use of a platform with many features, for the client and for the end users;
  • Better use of the limited resources and calls that the stated social APIs provide;
  • Efficient code that can be easily maintained.

Roles we cover

Project Manager

Full stack developers

UX Designer