Complete Sales Solutions Suite for Hush Restaurant

  • eCommerce websites for online sales
  • commission-free ordering & delivery system
  • customer management software (CRM)
  • contactless (online) menu
  • digital marketing module
Complete Sales Solutions Suite for Hush Restaurant

All-in-one sales-driven solution (website + CRM software + ordering & delivery system through IOS and Android mobile apps + marketing module) able to provide complete user experience at multiple levels (customers - restaurant staff - delivery staff).

All the restaurant’s needs covered with one solution: Club Hush Delivery

Online reservations & ordering

Efficient orders management

Safer & more custom interactions

Easier customer management

Real-time sales tracking & trends

Real-time staff activities tracking

Data-driven business decisions

Multi-channel online presence

Modern & intuitive experience

Complete Sales Solutions Suite for Hush Restaurant


Our Client

Club Hush is one of the top locations in Arges county, clients appreciating it for both the food and the atmosphere (the club hosts various events - from concerts to entertainment shows and private parties). Their target audience is wide and smartly reflected in the food offer (in the menu are included main appreciated international dishes - from American burgers to Italian pasta, traditional food platters, etc.)

Client’s needs

Once the social and economic context changed (as a result of the pandemic crisis), the client's main focus had to be shifted (at least for a while) exclusively to food sales and delivery. So, the client had to adapt fast and compensate for in-restaurant services with online ones. In order to do that and keep its customers satisfied, Hush needed a digital solution able to provide an optimal user experience at multiple levels.

Complete Sales Solutions Suite for Hush Restaurant

The solution

We developed a dedicated solution based on a predefined suite of apps and modules able to integrate all the elements needed in a sales journey:

  • Attract through a dynamic and intuitive online presence (SEO-friendly website, ordering apps, contactless menu, etc.)
  • Convert by using a complete ordering & delivery system: ordering app + delivery app + CRM app;
  • Close by collecting customers’ feedback through QR code and NFC tag;
  • Delight through personalized offers and communication, plus loyalty rewarding programs;
  • Re-engage existing customers through special offers by using the remarketing module.

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Complete Sales Solutions Suite for Hush Restaurant

Dynamic and intuitive eCommerce website

  • brand personalized eCommerce website (SEO-friendly and GDPR compliant);
  • special offer (coupons and discounts) integrated system;
  • unlimited products uploading;
  • push notification system for new orders (via kitchen printer, phone, and email);
  • CTA feature: Call mobile – for phone orders;
  • access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook microdata;
  • security updates.
Complete Sales Solutions Suite for Hush Restaurant

Complete ordering & delivery system

CUSTOMER’S APP: Mobile App for ordering (iOS and Android)

Now, Hush restaurant’s offers are at customers’ fingertips. All the customers that have downloaded the ordering app on their phones receive relevant notifications every time an update is available (special offers, coupons, etc.)


  • instant customer’s profile displaying when he calls;
  • real-time notifications for new orders directly to the kitchen’s printer;
  • fast access to centralize, analyze, and manage clients’ data;
  • customer segmentation system (VIP, regular, returning, new, lost opportunities).
Complete Sales Solutions Suite for Hush Restaurant

Safe data gathering features (GDPR compliant)

When it comes to data gathering, transparency is mandatory (for use risk-free for both the company and its customers).

That’s why we’ve built an app that’s not only focused on placing intuitive tools at users’ fingertips but also provides them with dynamic features for disabling/enabling:

  • notifications;
  • notifications via SMS;
  • notifications via e-mail.

The solution also integrates a dedicated tab where customers can check the Terms and conditions of ordering, delivery, use of applications, and data storage.

Complete Sales Solutions Suite for Hush Restaurant

DELIVERY STAFF’S APP: Mobile App for deliveries

  • Efficient order taking
  • Elimination of errors and delays
  • Full control over the entire process

Contactless menu

The client's phone reads an NFC tag or a QR code that is placed on an object (e.g. printed on a flyer). By simply scanning the code, the phone displays the online menu, and the client will be able to check out the offer and launch an order remotely.

Complete Sales Solutions Suite for Hush Restaurant


Hush can select the clients based on specific criteria and send them text messages (SMS) with coupons and promotions as part of its remarketing campaigns.

The process


Auditing client’s needs in the current context


Identifying further development opportunities


Validating solution’s architecture


Developing the solution


Uploading content (menu) on apps and website


Importing existing users/clients into CRM


Testing the solutions on multiple channels and devices


Training the client’s staff for a performant use

Before implementing this solution, we’ve taken orders mostly via phone - a time consuming and unproductive activity if you take into account that not all the clients could reach us. Now, the apps and the solution’s functionalities help us to have better ordering management even when we deal with a high volume of orders. So, the impact is significant in terms of sales and deliveries.

Complete Sales Solutions Suite for Hush Restaurant

Ovidiu Stoica

Manager GreenPub & Hush

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