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More and more companies are drifting towards a dedicated team model to reach their goals. The business model relates to an agreement between the client and the service provider when the last supplies software development specialists. The main aim of the dedicated team is to work seamlessly as part of the client's team to provide quality, unique and project-specific solutions. It is suitable for companies, large or small, that plan to cut costs through dedicated developers.

Read the following 5 useful tips and learn how an effective dedicated team helps you achieve your business goals:

Share your vision

Before you take the developers on-board, you must share the vision you see for your product. Understanding for who you’re developing for and clearly defining the problem you’re solving it will help the developers to take the journey with you. When developers and designers you’re working with, really understand the requirements of the project, they will be responsive and agile enough to come up with the best approach. It’s a very good practice to have daily or weekly goals set together, with your team.

Get the benefits of service packs

The dedicated team offers services in packs that include analytics, development tools, quality assurance, and project management features. It is advisable not to refrain from specific services in order to cut expenses; the packs are designed to offer the best result for the dedicated team and for the client, as well.

Settle an efficient way of communication

A development company should do more than coding. To set up the key to its success and to be able to see the progress of the project, it is important to have sufficient contact with the team.

You have to ensure that the tools and the platforms you adopt can offer you full transparency. Day-to-day or weekly communication can be set through Slack, Skype, Trello, and GoToMeeting and for the project management, the best choice is Jira. Targetprocess, SVN, TFS are other tools you may want to adopt.

Since communication with the dedicated team should meet your project requirements, you should have the possibility to talk directly with the project manager or with the programmers. Also, it is essential for you to be an active part of the team, as your availability and commitment will influence the success of the product.

Embrace the Agile Approach

The agile approach makes it possible for a project to be divided up into multiple sprints. In this way, adjustments on the project can be made as required, before it's too late or before implementations become too heavy. One of the most significant advantages is that issues can be identified at the start of the development process by making it ten times cheaper to fix them.

Within a short time, you will be able to check in with the project regularly to ensure that everything is on the right path. The agile approach makes communication smooth and efficient.

Since the development of the product could take months or even years, it is essential to have retrospective meetings to improve and adjust the process, to analyze the past experiences because Scrum is an empirical development methodology.

The Post Release support is a must

Ongoing improvement of the product doesn't mean it wasn't good enough from the start. It means that you are interested in aligning into the fast-changing market. Post-release support comes in many forms, such as 24/7/365 support, which often comes at a premium, on-demand support, while other companies might not even offer help at all. The type of support should be chosen considering your project requirements and should be discussed with the team. 

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