Feature-rich web portal for ACENET

build with Umbraco CMS and integrated with Dynamics CRM

Multichannel consistency through a ready-to-use web portal,
a UX/UI optimized website, and seamless integration between website and CRM.


Asp.NET, Umbraco, Knockout.js, Web API, Dynamic CRM, Sql Server

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The Client’s Challenges

Launching in a very short period of time (only a few weeks) the updated version of his website across multiple dynamic functionalities and features - including a customized web portal.


We built for them a business web portal that enables the members to access information, and materials and that easies the communication flow.

The solution

ACE represents the business interests of consulting and engineering companies in Britain. It’s one of the largest business association in this sector, with nearly 800 member companies operating in various areas.

Its members are some of the best-known companies in the field of consultation and engineering. Renowned for quality and excellence, their work regularly wins awards for innovation and achievements in the area.

They needed to update their old website with new technology, new design, user experience, and new functionalities. Since they use DYNAMICS CRM to manage their organization, they also needed a functional integration between website and CRM.


Members’ needs & expectations

  • ease of navigation;
  • fast access to the most relevant information for their context;
  • communication tools within reach;
  • less time invested in redundant and repetitive steps.

Employees’ needs & expectations

  • easier handling both structured and unstructured information;
  • instant access to valuable insights;
  • a long-lasting relationship with users;
  • less time-consuming activities.
Top Benefits

In the past 10 years, we were the main IT services provider (being also the company that developed ACENET’s first website). This project was an extension of our collaboration through which the client obtained several specific benefits:

  • easily navigable and streamlined design;
  • access to a powerful and secure CMS (Umbraco CMS);
  • seamless integration between website and company’s CRM;
  • improved productivity;
  • easy to manage their members, their stocks and logins;
  • improved relationship with members;
  • multi-channel consistency;
  • extended maintenance and support.

Key benefits

For members

Enjoying a unified info hub that allows them to be up to date and to communicate easily.

For employees

The ability to easily manage information, get relevant insights, and develop long-lasting relationships with members.

ACENET’s key-benefits of working with us

  • a well-coordinated team;
  • solution-oriented mindset;
  • fast adaptability even to very short delivering terms;
  • high interest for understanding in-depth the client's requirements;
  • easy and fast communication;
  • fast reply to new requests;
  • total transparency in our processes;
  • great user experience through a modern UX interface.
The solution

The client needed to update the old website with new technologies, a fresh new design, and to provide better user experience through new functionalities.

Roweb’s role was to propose and implement the technical solutions for generating a customized web portal, optimized (UX/UI) website’s design, and efficient integration between the website and DYNAMICS CRM.

For developing the needed solution, we collaborated with one of ACENET analysts, the designer of the website, and the company that implemented DYNAMICS CRM.

Overcoming client's expectations

Even if this project had a short-term delivery, we were able to deliver a ready-to-use solution that integrates all client's initial requirements plus those that came along the process.

Project details
1 Project Manager
1 C# Full Stack developer
1 1 Front End developer

Asp.NET, Umbraco, Knockout.js, Web API, Dynamic CRM, Sql Server

How we worked

We use an Agile development approach with 2 weeks of sprints and with daily meetings with the product owner.

Features and functionalities:

  • performant and secure CMS (Umbraco CMS);
  • integration between DYNAMICS CRM and the website;
  • easier management of members, stocks and logins;
  • SEO-oriented optimizations (URL Rewriting and SEO friendly pages);
  • smartly integration of multiple assets types: news, events, forms, contacts, banners, videos, podcasts, photo gallery;
  • Google Maps integration with advanced search and map localization;
  • other specific features (Online Directory, user management system, job board, events booking system, digital agreements).
  • online payment module

Project's steps

Auditing client's needs and requirements


Taking over the project and collaborating with the client's internal staff and external partner


Providing consultancy for choosing the right solutions and technologies


Delivering and validating the final project’s proposal


Developing features & functionalities based on the client’s new requests


Implementing and
testing the solution


Reporting project’s


Training internal users for a
performant use.


Even if, at the beginning, the very short time allocated to the project seemed to put additional pressure on the team, we were perfectly able to develop an accelerated approach for each stage. And this was possible both because we already had significant experience on similar projects, and because we have a collaboration of over 10 years with our client.

Mirel Ionescu


Competitional assets

positioning as a modern consulting & engineering hub;

the extended capability of handling a large volume of information;

better focus on business growth goals by eliminating redundant activities;

easier communication of business values.


In 2004 we started with a small web dev team wanting to make a difference in the software services market.

Today we count about 127 professionals that are part of our team and over 1000 successfully delivered projects for global clients (from 30 countries).

Usually, our clients recommend our services because we know how to:

  • think outside the box;
  • deliver smart and customized solutions;
  • allocate dedicated teams;
  • embody innovative technologies;
  • customize and adapt to new and changing requests;
  • offer an excellent cost/quality ratio;
  • deliver perfect integration between the solutions.