Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

The company achieved this status, the highest level within the Microsoft Certified Partner Program, based on its commitment to the Microsoft platform, the global adoption of its products and services, and its proven track record for developing robust and reliable application serving software that utilizes the latest Microsoft technologies.

If you want to see our Microsoft Gold Certified Partner profile on Microsoft website click here.

Roweb is proud to announce that we are now a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

We currently have many  Microsoft® Certified Professionals and Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialists in our team and we continue to train our people in order to provide high quality, leading-edge software, web development solutions and consultancy. References from our satisfied clients stand as a proof for this..

Being a Microsoft Partner gives Roweb early access to product information, so that we can take advantage of the latest Microsoft technology solutions and offer our customers experience and technology needed to develop first class software solutions.

To become a Microsoft® Certified Partner we had to prove that we are an independent organisation that provides the highest level of technical expertise, strategic thinking and hands-on skills.

Microsoft® Certified Partners are reviewed annually and have to pass a rigid accreditation system to retain Microsoft® Certified Partner status.
As a Microsoft® Certified Partner , Roweb  has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and proven ability to meet customers needs.

Benefits of working with a Microsoft® Certified Partner (MCP)

In addition to working with a reputable web design firm that is certified by the world's leading IT company, the list of benefits is endless, which is reflected in the outstanding custom development solutions Clue Design develops time and time again for its clients.

Some of the many advantages MCP certification provides are: