User friendly page and template layout builder using drag & drop

An easy experiment with various layouts and format content due to Page Layout Builder . Benefit from an intuitive drag-and-drop interface as new columns and sub-layouts can be simply added.


Multilanguage content

With our CMS solution you can create multiple language websites. Whenever you need a website that supports different languages we can help. People all over the world can use your website as you can add content in as many languages as you need.


Visual forms builder

The Visual forms builder feature helps you to add a form to your website instead of waiting for developers to do it for you. Create your own forms and insert them into your page. Also our tool offers you a browser-based form designer which enables you to send the submitted data via e-mail.


Templates for pages

The system allows you to create multiple templates and use them when you create new pages. Do you want to repeat a content through all the pages from a website section? Then, it’s very easy: you need to create a template, add a content inside and then create all the pages from that section based on your template. You can have an unlimited number of templates per website and you can define different layouts and colors for every template.


Support many content types to be added to page

We provide a way to publish and manage texts, images, YouTube videos and Flash movies. Any type of content can be added and managed at the same time.


Word-like HTML editor with spellcheck in many languages

Benefit from our built-in World like WYSIWYG editor and enjoy all the features you can think of such as tables and pre-defined CSS styles, bullet points etc. Now you can insert videos, images and in the same time create links to internal or external content.


Possibility to edit page names, titles, meta descriptions and meta keyworkds or edit alternative tags for images

Use our SEO tools to make your E-commerce website more visible on Google, improve your ranking, as now you have the chance to edit titles, page names, keywords, meta descriptions or edit different tags for images.


File manager

We offer a versatile web control file management system which completely imitates Windows Explorer, allowing a multitude of tasks such as files and folders organizer, create, rename, drag-and-drop etc.


Option to redirect site visitors to a dedicated mobile page or other domain

Redirect a certain page towards another website or to your website's mobile version.


Dynamic sitemap

Through our services you can generate your website's sitemap in one quick and easy step.


Social content sharing

Content can be shared via all popular social networks such as Google+ , Facebook, Twitter and many more.


Search engine

You do not need to buy any additional products as we provide full-text search functionality for your website. Our search engine delivers proper results, excellent performance, adaptability and easiness in use.


Content publishing schedule

This feature allows you to publish a pre-defined text content at your precise moment. If you want to publish something about a certain event at a precise time and date then Content publishing schedule will do it for you.