SEO features

Use our SEO features to improve your website's Google ranking, and make it more visible to general public. Edit meta descriptions and meta keywords, title tag, page links and ALT attribute for images.


Share content on: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit StumbleUpon

We allow your users to share any type of content on different social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon , etc.


We support newsletter lists & integration with email marketing software

We can help you manage your e-mail marketing campaigns through a newsletter subscriptions control. The marketing campaigns results will be displayed through specialized services. We support integrations with different e-mail marketing services like: Benchmark Email or Pure360.



RSS is used to send web feeds such as blog entries or news headlines. Integrate it on your website and allow your customers or viewers to subscribe and then automatically receive the information exactly when it becomes available.


Google Analytics integrations and reports

We offer Google Analytics integration on your website. Get your Google Analytics data straight in your admin area.


Generate Google SiteMap

With our CMS solution you can generate an XML list of accessible URLs for your website according to the Google SiteMap format. This sitemap helps search engines index your site and improve its ranking.