Web Site Administration and Content Management System


  • Multilanguage content
  • Templates for pages
  • User friendly page and template layout builder using Drag & Drop
  • Word-like HTML Editor with spellcheck in many languages
  • Visual forms builder
  • Online Survey Builder
  • File manager
  • Support many content types to be added to page:
    • Forms
    • News
    • Images
    • Documents
    • Events
    • Generic content
    • Lists
    • Videos(HTML5 & Flash)
    • Custom Types
  • Possibility to edit page names, titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords or edit alternative tags for images
  • Dynamic sitemap
  • Option to redirect site visitors to a dedicated mobile page or other domain
  • Content Sharing
  • Content publishing schedule
  • Export content trough RSS
  • Internal Search engine

Website Management

  • Multisite management allow to manage unlimited number of sites using the same admin area
  • Granular access rights
  • SSL compatibility
  • Multiple admin accounts types with the possibility to block access to some admin areas for specific users
  • Integration with other systems:
    • Expose data through web services to be imported in other systems
    • Custom data import from other systems
  • Flexible deployment options based on your needs: Sql Server, Windows Azure, built to work with Web farms and load balancers
  • Real time errors reporting
  • Daily performance reports
  • Reporting services for admins
  • Can distribute content through RSS and publish updates on Twitter or Facebook.


  • Multilingual product titles, descriptions and URLs
  • Different product templates
  • Multiple currencies
  • Flexible discounts prices and coupons
  • Create product variations for size, style, color, and other variables and define special prices for them
  • Different type of products:
    • downloadable
    • with shipping
    • subscriptions services
  • Custom attributes for every type of product
  • Flexible shipping methods: you can configure shipping prices, taxes based on different options
  • Unlimited levels of product categories
  • Multiple payment getaways: PayPal, Authorize.NET, Secure Trading, etc
  • Orders management
  • Export orders to other systems(CRM/ERP) trough REST API Web Services

Clients management (CRM)

  • Support configurable member types: companies and individual
  • multiple addresses and links, data profiles and full notes history
  • the product has been designed to allow customization of field names and data selections, allowing you to use your own terminology
  • web administration area
  • various reports using SQL Reporting
  • flexible data model to allow us to configure the software for any type of business
  • Flexible Records hierarchy and links. You can define Head Office, Branch Office or individual contacts linked to a company

Online Marketing & Social Media

  • Google Analytics integrations and reports
  • Share content on: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc
  • RSS
  • SEO features:
    • edit page names, titles, descriptions and keywords
    • edit alternative tags for images
    • SEO friendly localized URLs
  • Integration with Email Marketing Software like Pure360 
  • Newsletter lists

Other things

The framework is built using Asp.NET 4.5 and Entity Framework 5 and contains a lot of performance optimizations like:

  • Caching
  • Client Side Bindings
  • Front End optimizations following Yahoo Performance Guidelines
  • Support for load balancing and web farms
  • We use monitoring services for real time performance status
  • Heavy use of AJAX

We use specialized services and you will have access to:

  • real time errors reporting
  • daily performance measurements from different places around the world

We can extend and implement any type of new content and controls and we offer full services from the business analysis to development, deployment and maintenance.

We are able to offer training for administrators, data entry for website and live support.