Granular access rights

You will be able to set top granular security with user-level permission linked to everything you've got in the CMS such as pages, content item, CMS settings and so on. Users can be assigned to groups that share similar roles and this way they need similar permissions, but in the same time permissions can also be denied on underlying pages which overrides the permissions granted to the parent content.


Multisite management allows you to manage an unlimited number of sites using the same admin area

With our CMS solution you can manage an unlimited numbers of websites from the same admin area. Instead of accessing numerous apps with different usernames and passwords you can easily manage all your websites from a single area. Now you can manage all your branch websites, intranet or your corporate site from one single place.


Integration with other systems

Users will be able to import data that has previously been exported from any other business application like CRM, ERP or other e-commerce systems. We can export orders to other applications or to other admin users.


SSL Compatibility

Our solution has been designed to work well both on HTTP and SSL, allowing you to place your entire website on SSL or just some parts of it such as the Login Area or Shopping Cart Area.


Flexible deployment options based on your needs: SQL Server Windows Azure, Built to work with web farms and load balancers

To benefit of extra performance get our support for cloud technologies.


Multiple admin accounts types with the possibility to block access admin areas for specific users

There are few pre-defined roles in our CMS solution and each user can be appointed to any number of roles, so admins can easily define their roles and offer them permissions.