Engaging UX for
Project Center’s website

Designing and implementing from scratch a responsiveness real estate website able to attract visitors and to offer conversion tools at their fingertips.

PHP, WordPress, Social Media Integration, Responsive Design, Blog Integration, Custom Multi-Criteria Search

Project Center’s Challenges

Project Center’s outdated website limited the agency’s opportunities to attract visitors and turn them into customers.

The agency was looking for a custom solution able to offer responsiveness and relevance in terms of web design and functionality.


Increasing the brand’s trustability and the chance of attracting qualified customers through a responsive, SEO-optimized, and user-friendly website.


Project Center is a real estate agency from Pitesti interested to gain the leading position on the local real estate market.

The agency’s online presence is one of the competition differentiators that they are interested to rely on;

The initial website was outdated in terms of design and functionality, unable to offer an engaging experience to visitors, prospects and potential customers. At the same time, Project Center’s agents needed an intuitive and easy-to-use web tool able to help them professionally market their properties;

The client was searching for a trustworthy software partner that could offer him an end-to-end solution. The new website must be able to respond both to the real estate customers’ and the company’s agents’ needs and expectations.

Project Center’s customers’ needs & expectations

  • to be welcomed by a user-friendly design;
  • to get relevant results in only a few seconds;
  • to be one click away from useful and relevant information;
  • to interact with clear and easy scannable sales messages;
  • to have the possibility to quickly reevaluate their favorite properties.

Project Center’s agents’ needs & expectations

  • to give visitors a quick snapshot of their offer;
  • to shorten and simplify the buying process;
  • to professionally market their properties;
  • to increase the volume of the qualified leads.

Top Benefits

  • easily navigable and streamlined design;
  • increasing sales volume by delivering relevance;
  • embodying Project Center clients’ needs and expectations;
  • SEO-optimized and eye-catching website;
  • useful real estate features;
  • intuitive and clean website’s content architecture;
  • extended maintenance and support;
  • project delivered in only 4 weeks.
The solution

In only 4 weeks Roweb delivered a fully optimized website, able to respond to both Project Center’s customers’ and agents’ needs.

The new responsive presentation website is created on WordPress, integrates the company’s social media pages, a custom multi-criteria search function, and several features and functionalities that enable users to experience a custom online journey.

The new Project Center’s website focus is on user experience and on the “one-click-away conversion” concept. Now, users can create their own accounts and have private access to properties’ favorite lists or properties search history. At the same time, every prospect that is interested in selling properties now has the opportunity to pre-evaluate them through an “intelligent selling” tool.

For those prospects that are ready to sell, rent or buy properties, were created multiple conversions points on the web page (contact forms, agents’ contact info at their fingertips, etc.).

Overcoming client's expectations

We provided a smart integration with WHISE CRM that easies agents' work (they can manage properties fast and secure). We also integrated smart features that enable automated and real-time leads collection and tracking, plus easy access to trading activities’ history (through owners’ login system).

Features and functionalities:
  • clean and engaging user experience;
  • custom design;
  • social media and blog integration;
  • custom functions that would simplify the management of every agency operation;
  • custom user login for properties’ owners;
  • easy access to trading activities’ history (through owners’ login system);
  • online matching;
  • custom favorites functionality;
  • property matching alerts;
  • automated and real-time leads collection;
  • integration with WHISE CRM web service (enabling our client to manage properties, contacts, emails, and reports easily).
Project details
Project Manager
Web Developer
Web Designer
4 Weeks Delivering Time

Project's Steps

Auditing client’s needs and requirements
Identifying further opportunities for the client
Delivering and validating the project’s proposal
Implementing and testing and client approvals
Maintenance and management of the delivered solution
Delivering and training internal users for a performant use

Competitional Assets

real estate offers at visitors fingertip
easy-to-buy process
custom functions (e.g., “intelligent sale” tool)
higher responsiveness and engagement from real estate agents
easy way to attract exclusive estates

Today we count about 127 professionals that are part of our team and over 1000 successfully delivered projects for global clients (from 30 countries).

In 2004 we started with a small web dev team wanting to make a difference in the software services market.

Usually, our clients recommend our services because we know how to:

  • think outside the box;
  • deliver smart and customized solutions;
  • allocate dedicated teams;
  • embody innovative technologies;
  • customize and adapt to new and changing requests;
  • offer an excellent cost/quality ratio;
  • deliver perfect integration between the solutions.