user experience

User Experience

Engaging, intuitive and memorable interactions with your products that increase conversions and retention rate for your business


Web interface

Our HTML, CSS and JavaScript expertise ensure we translate every detail of the design into high quality code for a wide range of web solutions


Usability audit

Testing is part of our design and development process for every solution that we build and we analyse your information architecture, content, sitemaps and performance

mobile design

Mobile design

We design apps for smartphones and tablets running on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, as well as hybrid apps


visual Identity

We design logos and any other elements for your brand identity and set out branding guidelines


Visual concepts & Graphics

Custom graphic design for any purpose you require, advertising art concepts, web design, and computer graphics


Here at Roweb the design process for every project starts with understanding your customer's needs and your business objectives and identifying the best way to satisfy both.


Goal analysis, user research, personas, competitor analysis, benchmarking, UX strategy, conceptual design, user stories and scenarios.


Concepts, wireframes, user task flows, site maps, information architecture, interaction models, user testing.


Mood-boards, style guides, logos, brand identity integration, visual identity, high-fidelity mockups, interactive prototypes.


Technology strategy and architecture, adaptive / responsive layout, CMS user interface, native mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), finalize UX deliverables, suggestions / future development directions, integration Support.


Our UX design services are dedicated to provide the best possible experience when your customers use your app, website or software. Here at Roweb we create exceptional user experiences that grow your audience and help you retain the loyalty of your customers.

We understand that user experience design done right increases conversions and user satisfaction and is therefore critical to the success of your business, that’s why we place UX at the core of our solutions and make sure to build the optimal gateway between users and your services and products.

Our cross-skilled teams have a solid understanding of information architecture, psychology and business that enables them to design interactions that are engaging, intuitive and consistent with your business goals. Users are able to find the information they are looking for or perform the action they need your service for fast and with ease. At Roweb, we bring together form, function and interactions to meet your users’ expectations and your objectives for micro- and macro-conversions.

We build beautiful and highly functional web solutions that help you differentiate from the competition. Our range of web solutions includes web portals, e-Commerce, content platforms and various types of real time apps.

Our expertise in .NET, PHP and Node.js enables us to deliver any functionality that you require, while our web interface designers ensure a gorgeous and easy to use interface for your customers.

With more than a decade of experience in front-end code development, we make sure that your solution looks exactly as designed and works properly and reliably. We strictly follow programming best practices and quality standards and thoroughly test the solution for all of the platforms that it’s required to work on.

We employ user-testing sessions and detailed analysis to transform data into actionable design improvements. We audit and test every solution for functionality consistency, user acceptance, accessibility and ease-of-use, across multiple devices and browsers. Based on your business goals, we help you identify the relevant KPIs and optimize the design to help you maximize performance.


Functionality Consistency Review

Guidelines Compliance Assessment

Cross-Browser & Cross-Device Testing

Accessibility Testing

Ease-of-Use and Control Flow Convenience

Cognitive Walkthroughs and Story Boards

Acceptance Testing

At Roweb, we have both a thorough understanding of mobile development technologies as well as mobile design expertise. From the apps’ architecture, to mobile UX / UI design, developing wireframes and prototyping, we keep in mind the app’s purpose and its users’ perspective.

We create search and navigation patterns, colours, controls, menus, all with the optimal experience on any mobile device in mind.

We can use back-end design to control the front end of mobile apps, allowing us to build customized experiences at runtime, create cleaner interfaces and reduce load times.

Through delightful and engaging apps, we enable you to reach a wider audience and keep your customers committed for longer.

After we gain a deep understanding of your business and the message that you wish to communicate visually, we create the “look and feel” for you brand, service or product. From logos, icons and other corporate identity elements to the UI of your website, mobile or web app, we help you build an emotional connection with your users.

Your customers will interact with your solution intuitively and with ease, understanding the functions, ideas and purpose of the solution and being able to complete tasks in minimum time.

Graphic elements for every channel that you use to communicate with your audience will be consistent and coordinated with the look and feel of your products and services.

Because all of the brand identity components are designed in the same style, and can easily be integrated into new pages and projects you will have the benefit of a unified user experience.

Branding and a unique and recognizable appearance will improve brand awareness and customer loyalty. Creative Guidelines ensure smooth future development and easy expendability, that’s why we put together a set of guidelines that provide an overview of design patterns, fonts & styles, layout structure, colour palette, as well as technical considerations and constraints.

We create wireframes, clickable prototypes, graphic mock-ups and PoC (proof-of-concept) to reduce costs and risks involved in complex development projects. Through a rapid iterative approach, we refine and improve any type of interactive system based on testing and feedback.

Graphic mock-ups and mood-boards help us get on the same page and put into reality your aesthetic preferences and design directions, in terms of font size and style, colour palettes, texture and effects.

Clickable prototypes allow for thorough testing of the product to identify what can be improved and increase productivity.

Proof-of-concept brings together architecture, system integration, functionality and look-and-feel of the end product.


We use dedicated teams with the right mix of skills to cover every aspect of your project.


Creates the concept and designs the system' s architecture as well as users' navigation and interaction scenarios.


Determines the optimal user experience based on business goals and use cases.


Builds the web-based, mobile or desktop application tailored to your requirements.


Tests the application and makes sure it consistently and reliably meets our strict quality standards.




From understanding your users' behaviour to crafting you CTAs, our UI/UX designers and brand strategists will help you increase conversation



Sophisticated simplicity, efficient and impactful experiences will help you gain the loyality of your customers.



Innovation, transparency and cross-functional teams will deliver the business results that you aim for

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