Custom-built web portals development

Whether you need a self-service portal for your customers or a collaborative platform for employees, we can help you reach great results in terms of efficiency by developing custom web portals.

Developing web portals according to your needs

We know you need more than an old-school B2B or B2C web portal. What you need is a bespoke online solution able to respond smartly to your specific needs.

Audience & Function - based portals

We develop for you vertical web portals (which focus on one specific industry, domain, function, or audience) able to provide personalized content and specific features for helping users get what they need instantly.

External & Internal portals

Login-based portals are always great tools for keeping customers/employees engaged and provide them access to personalized experiences. These web portals allow you to filter users’ access, track their behavior easily, manage important/sensitive information, and have a quick overview of users’ activity.

Gateway & Dashboard portals

Dynamic content updates across multiple apps (gateway portal) or highly personalized experiences (dashboard web portal)? Whatever you need, we are ready to take over your business goals and transform them into functional web solutions.

A dedicated team for developing your web portal

Our dedicated teams (involved in web portals development projects) have extensive experience in developing specific solutions and are able to cover a variety of applications.

Our focus is to deliver high-end solutions by providing you with the services that fit your needs: from IT business consultancy to web portals development, data migration, 3rd-party integration, business analysis, QA, support & maintenance.

Areas of expertise

Finance, Retail, HORECA, Real Estate, Fashion, Automotive, Tourism, Home&Deco, etc.

Using the latest technology and advanced expertise, we handle any type of project, from niche business websites to complex database-driven web applications.


Ossian Vogel

Co-founder, CEO

We first approached Roweb with a broad description of the social commerce platform we had envisioned and we were happy to find that they quickly grasped the concept and were as excited about it as we were...

Paul Todd

Manager, Green Flag Awards

Roweb were amazing. Thanks to their improvements to the GFA administration system, we’re able to save hours of work every day. They proved that they truly understand our business and were able to identify...

David Wischniewski

CEO & Co-founder RenderThat - Connect to global 3D visualization talent

We were looking for a long time partner we can trust and grow with. Roweb is a perfect match. Working on a daily basis direct with Roweb's project managers and programmers allows us to develop new...

Types of web portal we develop

Vertical portal

Horizontal (public) portal

Marketplace portals

Full-custom portals

Vertical portal (Vortal)

If you want to develop a (B2B or B2C) web portal able to cover a particular market /target, vertical portals are definitely the right choice for you.

Vortals are web portals with a specific focus on a particular industry, domain, function, audience, or vertical, providing personalized content and specific features for helping users get what they need instantly.

What a vertical portal can integrate:

  • online tools;
  • discussions;
  • newsletters;
  • information;
  • articles;
  • reports/research/statistics.

Horizontal (public) portal

If your focus is on a general audience and wants to create an engaging digital environment, a horizontal web portal is a solution that fits your interest best.

Vortals are web portals with a specific focus on a particular industry, domain, function, audience, or vertical, providing personalized content and specific features for helping users get what they need instantly.

Main roles of a horizontal (public) portal:

  • provides users the gateway to relevant information;
  • displays relevant information only;
  • filters out harmful information;
  • provides users with access to exclusive content;
  • provides users with access to exclusive communications technologies.


  • customers;
  • portal operators;
  • suppliers.

Types of horizontal portals: connecting portals, content portals, commerce portals, community portals.

Marketplace portals

We create dynamic and intuitive marketplace (B2B, B2C) portals for helping both vendors and retailers run dynamic sales processes, track results & performance in real-time, and keep customers engaged.

Marketplace’s main advantages:

  • provides software support for e-commerce transactions;
  • is able to attract and support high traffic volume;
  • hosts offers from various vendors;
  • provides sales trackings with accurate metrics.

Types of marketplaces

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • geographical.

Right fit especially for Retail, HORECA, Real Estate, Fashion, Automotive, Tourism, Home&Deco, etc.

Full-custom portals

We develop for you full-custom digital solutions made from scratch. When it comes to digital solutions, the possibilities are unlimited.

Whatever your idea is, or no matter how complex your business needs may seem, we help you turn it/them into a complete and functional solution with advanced customizations.

Why develop a custom web portal:

  • purpose-built to support business long-term objectives;
  • lower integration costs;
  • can grow as an organization or business grows and changes.

MARKETPLACE: Real Estate Marketplace Development

Customized marketplace platform developed to integrate most useful real estate features (custom filters, smart matchings, push notifications, market trends & analytics. etc.) tus.

Feature-rich web portal for ACENET

Launching in a very short period of time (only a few weeks) the updated version of his website across multiple dynamic functionalities and features - including a customized web portal.

Complete experience on a real estate portal (for desktop and mobile devices)

We built this project for the real estate industry with the desire to serve the needs of agencies and end-users, searching for a property, independently, better than before.

Process for getting a web portal


Requirements and feasibility analysis


Solution proposal & design concepts




Integration and testing