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Customer database (CRM)

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Are you interested in...

Selling online and increasing the clients’ number with 0% commission?

Optimizing your services and your offer based on your clients’ feedback and gain the client’s loyalty through customized promotions?

Eliminate overwhelming expenses generated by the unprofitable locations’ rentals and manage your businesses remotely, as well?

The complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing for:














Any small/medium

Adapt your services to the changed consumers’ behavior to gain long-term business balance on the market

How can this online solution help your business?

  • you’ll have your own delivery system easy to use for both clients and employees;
  • sell online with 0% commission - you don’t have to count on third party delivery services;
  • extend fast your business online - in only a few days you’ll have access to the complete solution;
  • mobile app for online ordering to keep your clients close to your offers and promotions;
  • mobile app CRM based for fast access to relevant info about your client and efficient customers management;
  • helpful feedback from your clients - so you can optimize your offers and services based on their expectations;
  • easy management for orders and deliveries;
  • multiple business locations managed remotely - know exactly how sales and orders work for all your shops;
  • boost your offers without extra promotion costs.

0% commission

Installment payments, according to your needs

Solution delivery
in only 3 days

(after complete debriefing your business’ needs)

Send us a request for a personalized offer + DEMO

to find out how much you’ll invest in this solution and how soon you’ll see a return on investment (ROI).


Our flow for delivering the Complete Solution: Sales, Marketing & Delivery

You contact us


We install the solution


We configure the payment method


You sell online




Custom Ready to Go eCommerce Website to Sell Online Your Products

Expanding your activity online by using an eCommerce website - optimized for mobile and search engines algorithms (e.g., Google)

  • Modern and responsive design that integrates all your brand’s elements (logo, colors, fonts, etc);
  • Coupons and discounts system for better promoting your offers and keep customers’ closer;
  • Easy website content management plus unlimited space for uploading products;
  • Real-time push notification and ordering overview: instant orders printing, phone, and email notifications;
  • Features for shortening the ordering process - e.g., Call mobile – for phone orders;
  • Fast access to stats and reports - for a clear overview of sales volume and performance;
  • Installing google analytics, google search console, Facebook microdata, and generating sitemap.xml;
  • SSL certificate & free hosting;
  • GDPR compliant online presence;
  • Ongoing maintenance services for your website;
  • Security updates;
  • SEO updates (according to Google algorithms).

Mobile App (IOS & Android) for offer promotions and instant ordering

All your offers are on “touch” away from your clients, and they order your products directly from the app

  • your clients have the offers always at their fingertips;
  • increase sales volume by using the online channel;
  • gain your customers’ loyalty through customized offers;
  • promote more and spend less by placing your offers only one “touch” away from your clients.

CRM based Mobile App

The orders are received in real-time, and clients’ data and communication are done effortlessly.

By using the CRM based Mobile App you’ll have with reach several relevant insight that could help you gain your customers’ loyalty and trust through optimized offers and services:

  • see the amount of money spent by a customer in a defined period of time;
  • know when was his last order and why he didn’t return;
  • have a clear overview of the average amount spent by the clients in your shop;
  • view clients by criteria: VIP, regular, returning, new, lost opportunities.

Mobile App functionalities

  • real-time notifications regarding new orders - directly printed at the printer;
  • faster synchronization of the your business’ activities and an easier orders management
  • remote management for all your business locations.

The customer database (CRM) will help you centralize, analyze, and manage your clients’ data safely and easily:

  • Name, phone number, email;
  • Current order;
  • Orders’ history;
  • Total orders value (from the first interaction with the restaurant’s services);
  • Days counter from the latest order to the present;
  • Delivery address - this can be visualized directly on Google Maps and used by the delivery agent as a GPS navigation;
  • Customer category: new, returning, loyal.

Personalized communication through automated identification when a customer calls

  • Existing customer from the database are automated identified through the phone number (from which he calls).
  • When a client calls to the restaurant, his profile page is automated displayed - name, phone number, recent orders, the total value of previous orders, etc.
  • This functionality helps you instantly identify the most relevant information on the client and deliver a personalized experiences.
  • More than that, you can contact the clients directly from the app, or localize on Google Maps their delivery addresses.

SMS marketing for boosting your online & offline sales

  • You can select clients based on specific criteria and send them text messages (SMS) with coupons and promotions to give them reasons to return on your restaurant’s offer.

Top benefits for using the dedicated online solution (online sales + delivery + marketing)

  • sell online with 0% commission;
  • simplified and customized sale process;
  • offer optimizations based on relevant insights regarding your clients’ needs and expectations;
  • simple and automation based ordering management system;
  • promote the right offers at the right time;
  • keep your business relevant on the market and get increased chances to re-become profitable.

Adapt your services to the changed consumers’ behavior to gain long-term business balance on the market!


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