Custom-built end-to-end ticket sales platform (Spotlight)

  • fast development - the platform was developed in only a few months
  • reliable system - able to support tens of thousands of concurrent transactions
  • ongoing project - multiple features and custom modules that are being developed on an ongoing basis


USA, Las Vegas

Relying on top-notch technologies and our senior developers' expertise, we developed an e-commerce & booking system integrated with a wide range of 3rd parties, APIs, and websites and able to scale Spotlight's business up fast.


Our client

Our client is an entrepreneur with a wide experience in the US market (working with companies that are focused on the development and deployment of artificial-intelligence-based solutions and also with casino-based gaming companies with assets in the United States and Canada).

Based on an in-depth understanding of the market, he identified the opportunity to develop an independent, easy-to-use, cost-effective and user-friendly solution to book tickets to shows and attractions as well as hotel rooms to the main properties in Las Vegas.

Project goals

Since time-to-market plays a key role in a business's success, our client decided to develop a digital platform that integrates a functional and bug-free booking system as fast as possible. From the beginning, his requirements were very well defined, but he was also open to implementing ideas from our side.

First interaction with Roweb

We have been working with this client for already 5 years before the start of this project. We developed several other projects for him, and he was confident we could tackle this new challenge efficiently and cost-effectively.

The solution

Relying on top-notch technologies and our senior developers' expertise, we developed an e-commerce & booking system integrated with a wide range of 3rd parties, APIs, and websites and able to scale Spotlight business up fast.

Fast development

The initial Proof of Concept and beta platform was launched only after 3 months of development.

Great time-to-market

Thanks to our experienced team, we have launched this project in a record time.

Reliable system

Able to support tens of thousands of concurrent transactions.

Custom features

Complex custom features are present both in the front-end user interaction but also in the back-end systems and reporting to the team and its external partners.

User-centered development

The interface is simple and easy to use, ensuring minimal friction and leading to a very high user conversion.

Ongoing maintenance

The project is served by a full-time rented team that further develops its functionalities.

We needed a custom-built end-to-end ticket sales platform that would have a slick design, a smooth and conversion-oriented user flow, high speed of processing, ability to deal with large numbers of concurrent orders and high traffic, mobile-first and integrated with all main ticketing platforms used in Las Vegas. And we wanted it fast. Roweb pretty much did the impossible for us, delivered an MVP in less than 3 months, and built a production environment that delivered over expectations day in and day out. This was made possible by their 20 years of experience in E-Commerce and Hospitality digital transformation projects and custom app development in Europe and in the US.

Douglas Osrow

Co-founder & President | Spotlight.Vegas

Las Vegas Shows, Attractions and Hotel Booking Premiere Destination


Benefits for the platform’s users/clients

The platform fulfills its declared promise (“We Make Vegas Better”) through custom features and UX-centered content:

  • smart calendar and seats selection system;
  • content architecture based on different types of buyers’ journeys;
  • smart pop-ups for vouchers and extra offers;
  • complete and secure payments system;
  • secure accounts for returning customers;
  • secure acquisitions flow for non-returning customers;
  • intuitive booking experience, developed with users’ needs in mind.

Benefits for Spotlight platform’s admin

We developed a custom admin management system that allows easy management of new and existing content

  • available products (shows, hotel rooms, etc);
  • prices and special offers;
  • fees and/or other taxes.

Features and functionalities:

  • great UX focus;
  • seats selection;
  • account-based access;
  • account-free option to make acquisitions;
  • smart shows display (shows are displayed on categories);
  • automated testing implemented on site, so the platform to be all the time up;
  • dynamic Las Vegas Attractions FAQs system;
  • integrated map for localizing hotels;
  • user-friendly filtering system for hotels;
  • social plugins for social media.

The website integrates features that allow the admin to optimize, adapt and modify content in the front-end risk-free.

Benefits for Spotlight’s owner

The core benefit for Spotlight’s owner is represented by the fact that, by working with us, he turned a bright idea into a profitable and reliable business in only 3 months.

Their team is highly trustworthy, has superb experience and skills, understood what we wanted to achieve, and were able to deliver fast and always stay ahead of the curve in terms of our expectations. This is why they are not just a vendor, but a strategic trusted partner for the long term and essential to our business.

Douglas Osrow

Co-founder & President | Spotlight.Vegas

Las Vegas Shows, Attractions and Hotel Booking Premiere Destination

Next steps - further development

As in most of our projects, the initial development turned into a long-term ongoing project where extended developments and further optimization remained in our focus.

Our team continues to develop new modules and integrations, expanding the reach and depth of the platform.

For example, we have already started to develop a custom module that will make possible the replacement of a 3rd-party one so our client can have significant cost optimizations.

We have also been working on developing a PWA (Progressive Web App) for our client so both the business and the users can benefit from it (availability in the offline mode, submission-free access, zero time for installation and complete reliability, reduced costs for development, etc.)

Automated testing is also one of our priorities for further development so the business can be perceived as trustworthy, reliable, and ready for conversions 24/7.


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