All-in-one GDPR-compliant HR solution for nGAGE

Delivering an all-in-one GDPR-compliant HR solution able to keep candidates and recruiters on the same page among the processes


SQL, ASP.NET Webforms, and Adestra API, Javascript MVVM through Knockout JS, HTML5, CSS3, Cordova, GULP automation, iOS / Android, and Framework7., Google Dialogflow

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The Client’s Challenges

The GDPR rules (that aim to protect the personal data of candidates through a wide range of data privacy and security requirements) had a tremendous impact on the HR industry.

In this context, nGAGE was looking for a GDPR-compliant HR solution able to allow the safe deployment of the recruitment processes.

At the same time, the client was facing several other challenges as overwhelming data, time and human resources consuming processes, and fierce competition.

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We delivered an all-in-one GDPR-compliant HR solution (for mobile and desktop)

capable of reducing resources consumption (time, money, employees), to improve the overall management, and able to keep candidates and recruiters on the same page among the processes


nGAGE is a group of (over 20) companies from the HR industry that manages about 1 million candidates every year. The company’s main goal is to attract relevant candidates and position on the market through transparent and efficient recruitment processes.

Due to their proactive recruiting goals, they have a great pool of applicants to fulfill the extensive demand for different roles on the market.

The client’s initial need was generated by the data protection law (GDPR). They wanted to be GDPR-compliant, and they also required a solution to manage the relationship between HR and candidates better. The app was designed to solve all types of problems the client encountered before.

nGAGE became Roweb’s client as a result of a referral from another company from our portfolio.

nGAGE customers’ needs & expectations:

  • easily apply to job opportunities;
  • access to intuitive recruiting platforms;
  • communication tools within reach;
  • personal data privacy protection and management;
  • less time invested in redundant and repetitive steps;
  • quick access to administrative information (invoices, payments, etc.)

nGAGE employees’ needs & expectations:

  • easy management of administrative data;
  • efficient communication tools within reach;
  • quickly disseminate details to any large group of people;
  • less time invested in redundant and repetitive activities;

nGAGE managers’ needs & expectations:

  • reduce costs and time;
  • eliminate time-consuming activities;
  • increase recruiters’ responsiveness;
  • increase employees’ performance;
  • better overall management.
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Top Benefits

The collaboration with nGAGE was made possible thanks to our team of experts who are always ready to listen, plan, and develop according to the customer requirements.

The client appreciated us for helping him reduce the overall costs by managing the relationship he has with the candidates.

Key-benefit for nGAGE’s customers: Enjoying a fast app that was built with the candidate’s experience in mind.

Key-benefit for nGAGE’s employees: Access to a complete and easily manageable platform tailored-made for this HR company

Key-benefit for nGAGE’s managers: The ability to easily manage activities and people in one place and have better control over costs and time.

nGAGE’ key-benefits of working with us:

  • a well-coordinated team;a well-coordinated team;
  • easy and fast communication;
  • fast reply to new requests;
  • a guarantee of quality thanks to our professionals;
  • total transparency in our processes;
  • we use new technologies with proof of 100% functionality;
  • we delivered great user experience through a modern UX interface.

Roweb was also acknowledged for the management provided. Without good management, the project would have probably lasted longer and got many setbacks along the way.

The solution

Our smart HR solution generates added-values at multiple levels (communication, information management, usability, etc.) and for multiple-targets (candidates, recruiters, managers).

The app directly connects candidates to the HR staff (e.g., by using the chatbot) to access any needed information fast, helps candidates to find all the financial information (payments, bills) online, and to research and apply instantly for job opportunities. Furthermore, the app provides a great user experience through a modern UX interface.

The feature allows skipping over the traditional communication channels (calls, SMS) that candidates were used to getting in touch with HR staff and eases the internal and external communication process (the HR companies can quickly disseminate details to any large group of people).

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Overcoming client's expectations

The first 6 months nGAGE worked on the project internally, then it was taken over by Roweb. We overcame client's expectations through a seamlessly takeover of the internal project and turning it into a functional solution.

Technologies that we worked with are

For the admin panel: SQL, ASP.NET Webforms, and Adestra API.

Email Campaign service: SQL, Windows service, and Adestra API.

Web & Mobile app: ASP.NET Web API, Javascript MVVM through Knockout JS, HTML5, CSS3, Cordova, GULP automation, iOS / Android and framework 7

Candidate Profile Web App: SQL and ASP.NET MVC

Chatbot: Google Dialogflow

The Methodology: Agile with 4-week sprints.

Roles we cover
  • Project Manager

  • Web Developers

  • UX Designer

Project Steps

1-Auditing client’s needs and requirements

2-Taking over the internal project

3-Providing consultancy for choosing the right solutions and technologies

4-Identifying further opportunities for the client

5-Adapting the proposed solution to new specific requests

6-Delivering and validating the final project’s proposal

7-Implementing and testing the solution

8-Training internal users for a performant use

Competitional assets

  • positioning as a modern recruiting hub;
  • the extended capability of handling a large volume of applications;
  • better focus on business growth goals by eliminating redundant activities;
  • easier communication of business values.

“nGAGE (formerly trading as Human Capital Investment Group) have worked with Roweb for more than eighteen months and during that time have been very impressed by the high level of skill, professionalism and service that they have delivered.... Our initial engagement with Roweb entailed them taking over management of a large e-commerce web site where the previous software developers had left the code in a very poor state, system performance was very slow and many users were very unhappy. Roweb stabilised the codebase, made improvements to the user interface and delivered much needed new functionality. We are now working with them on a new version that will finally remove all of the previous developers code. Roweb have also developed new applications for us including web and Windows desktop products used by many users within our company. The location in Romania is very convenient for the UK, the level of English spoken by developers is very good and I have no hesitation in recommending Roweb as a offshore development partner. Read More

Tim Styles

Tim Styles

Chief Information Officer at nGAGE (formerly trading as Human
Capital Investment Group)


“In this project, our team proved not only the ability to identify and implement smart solutions for an industry with challenging particularities but also excellent adaptability skills. There were at least two key-moments in this project where these skills.... There were at least two key-moments in this project where these skills were needed more than ever. The first one: we had to take over the internal project and deliver a smart match between what has been done already and what we wanted to implement further. The second one: the client came with additional requirements after the project proposal was previously validated, and we had to adapt to them rapidly. Now the client uses a dynamic and intuitive solution that integrates all his needs and helps the company gain customers’ trust and stand out on the market. Read More

Sorin Tarceatu

Sorin Tarceatu

Project manager at Roweb

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In 2004 we started with a small web dev team wanting to make a difference in the software services market.

Today we count about 127 professionals that are part of our team and over 1000 successfully delivered projects for global clients (from 30 countries).

Usually, our clients recommend our services because we know how to:

  • think outside the box;
  • deliver smart and customized solutions;
  • allocate dedicated teams;
  • embody innovative technologies;
  • customize and adapt to new and changing requests;
  • offer an excellent cost/quality ratio;
  • deliver perfect integration between the solutions.