VMS 365 Mobile-First Solution (V4) Switching to microservices & turning it into a mobile-first app

  • transforming into a single-page application through VueJS
  • mobile-first experience
  • switching from monolithic to microservices
  • moving to Azure hosting


.Net, VueJS, Azure, Redis, ElasticSearch

Taking the existing application to a new level following the client's dynamic needs and user behavior by going from monolith to microservices and turning the platform into a mobile-first one.

Project overview


UK-based group


Recruiting & HR


ongoing project (9+ years) - update, maintenance & extended features development




The client needed an on-the-movement management solution that could be easily accessed from any mobile device. Also, with V4, the client wanted to move to a SaaS-type solution to handle nGAGE’s increasing client base.


Team with extended skills | Fast matching the client's business objectives with the right technical solutions | The capability to take over fast and optimize an existing projects | | Wide experience in working with modern technologies.


Technical Consultancy & Business Analysis, Systems & Applications Architecture, Full Stack Custom Development, Automated Testing & QA, DevOps, Maintenance & Support.

What’s next

Migrating from the monolith to the microservices architecture, the further development of functionalities for Bridge (VMS 365) will be done faster. Also, the company plans updates related to the design and the continuous development of functionalities that will increase the app's performance.


Our client

nGAGE is a notorious HR company in the UK whose award-winning activity has enabled fast upscaling in a competitive industry.

The company provides complex HR services, from recruiting candidates to document management, training and support for recruiters.The company genuinely supports and brings together specialists, enabling them to become market leaders.

Customer's need

The main trigger for version 4th of the nGAGE solution consisted of the behavior of users (generally and specifically) to spend most of their time on mobile devices.

Along with optimizing the existing solution, the client also decided to rebrand the platform - switching to a more suggestive name for the central purpose of its development: Bridge.

The first interaction

Roweb's first interaction with the nGAGE resulted due to a referral (from Gauge - a formal client) and our previous experience providing talent management solutions.

The collaboration is one of the longest partnerships in our portfolio due to the client's interest in optimizing his activity and keeping pace with the dynamism of the HR industry and digital transformation.

The solution:

The software rebranding and technology upgrade came as a necessity to align both with customers' needs and market trends, making the transition from the VMS 365 platform to the Bridge application.

Thus, the focus shifted from a platform based on reducing repetitive activities through automation (VMS 365) to a Mobile application (Bridge), which allows easy and intuitive access by 4 types of users: the nGAGE team, candidates, supplier users and employer users.

Tech assents

  • cloud development using Microsoft Azure services;
  • single page app by decoupling the User Interface from the backend;
  • secure app, which allows secure connection of devices;
  • high-level reports using SSRS;
  • data aggregation in the NoSQL database for optimizing the solution’s speed.

Application Main Functionalities

  • reports and statistics from a single dashboard;
  • dedicated activity management mode;
  • multi-country settings.

The outcome:

  • Switching from the monolith to the microservices architecture - getting a solution that is quicker to create and deploy;
  • Moving the project to Azure Microsoft Cloud - for flexible scale, reliability and security;
  • Mobile-first application - with a brand new material-based user interface –for improved communications processes and performant user experience.

As a result, all users have instant access to nGAGE products through an easy-to-manage app based on intuitive design and modern functionalities.

Benefits for internal users

  • Intuitive access from Android and iOS mobile devices;
  • Notifications, e-mails, sms that streamline the internal and external communication process, thanks to the integration with the Twilio and Sendgrid platforms;
  • Saving time, thanks to the automation that can be carried out directly from a device that is always at hand: the smartphone;
  • Organizing, archiving and managing documents directly from the application;
  • Correct tracking of data about company activity and candidates, thanks to a reporting system with a modern and intuitive dashboard;
  • Customized settings according to the countries the candidates come from.

Benefits for external users

  • Easy access to information on Android and iOS devices;
  • Access to several types of communications: e-mails, notifications, sms or calls and the possibility to send (in turn) these types of communications;
  • The ability to turn notifications on or off, depending on needs and preferences,
  • Specific information based on geographic location, interests and activity in the application and platform;
  • UX design optimization;
  • Information about scheduled meetings with recruiters;
  • More automated features for reducing time-consuming activities.

The current version of the solution, developed as a mobile-first app based on microservices, allows new functionalities and easy adaptation to industry trends.

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Overcoming our client’s expectations

Our development strategy focused on modern and intuitive software rebranding from its infancy. Thus, our first decision was to migrate from monolithic to microservices architecture. As a result, the application has become a suite of microservices that can easily adjust according to the client's needs.

From now on, we will have fewer development limitations, and the project can evolve continuously by creating new functionalities without needing to rewrite the entire application.

In addition, thanks to the migration to microservices, we can talk about reliability and scalability, the implementation time of new functionalities being also considerably reduced.

The team

The project team was adjusted according to the client's needs. Initially, the project started with a small group of experts that, along the way, increased and adapted according to roles as new objectives appeared in the project.

Beyond the experience of our developers, an additional asset for the client was the great availability of our company to quickly provide the human resources needed in the project, regardless of the required roles.

Software Developers

UI Specialists

QA Specialists

Project Managers


“Roweb has also developed new applications for us, including web and Windows desktop products used by many users within our company. The location in Romania is very convenient for the UK, the level of English spoken by developers is very good, and I have no hesitation in recommending Roweb as an offshore development partner.”

Complete Sales Solutions Suite for Hush Restaurant

Tim Styles

Chief Information Officer at nGAGE
(formerly trading as Human Capital Investment Group)

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