Real Estate Data Analytics | Multi-Tenant Power BI (WHISE CRM)

  • Actionable insights;
  • Intuitive and real-time reports;
  • API integration and scalability;
  • Frequent and automatic updates;
  • Security features;
  • Cost-effective approach.


Multi-Tenant Power BI Embedded

Extending the power of WHISE CRM by integrating custom Data Analytics for real-estate business owners.

Optimizing an existing application and increasing interest for its acquisition by developing a multi-tenancy solution for our client. The goal: providing the WHISE CRM users with graphic reports, dashboards, and analytics in their existing applications.


Our client is a leading software company (started in 2000) with the HQ in Belgium that is focused on providing innovative solutions for real estate companies from several European countries.


In response to a challenging real estate market, businesses increasingly seek valuable insights through data analytics to make informed decisions and optimize strategies for growth and success.


WHISE saw a unique opportunity to craft a custom Multi-Tenant Power BI for real estate businesses. This strategic move empowered clients with tailored insights, fostering growth and informed decision-making.

Multi-tenancy model | Real Estate Data Analytics

WHISE chose to develop a multi-tenant solution based on Power BI to enhance its offerings for existing and potential clients. This involves using Power BI Embedded for multiple companies, known as Power BI tenants. The choice of a tenancy model is significant, impacting how tenant data is mapped and managed within the Power BI environment. This strategic decision allows WHISE to provide an extended and valuable solution tailored to the unique needs of its clients.

Key factors considered by WHISE for developing a custom multi-tenancy model:

  • cost-effectiveness through automatic updates;
  • worry-free capacity management;
  • secure infrastructure;
  • seamless API integration;
  • scalability improvements;
  • streamlined access to the latest software versions.

These advantages align with WHISE's commitment to providing an optimized, cost-effective, and feature-rich solution to its clients.

Custom analytics panels - actionable insights

Real Estate Data Analytics insights provided by WHISE platform

Monthly Sales

The Monthly Sales panel grants access to a range of insights, including the property value sold (categorized by month and type), commission breakdown by month and category, and the count of properties sold by month and category (apartment, commerce, houses) for the past 12 months, among other details.

Properties for sale

This panel is a robust tool offering actionable insights such as trends in property values over time, categorization of properties, average time on the market for various property types, geographical analysis, agent performance metrics, customer demographics, and market trends. For instance, it facilitates comparative analyses with historical data to pinpoint market shifts effectively.

Contacts with search criteria

This dashboard provides insights into the number of contacts searching under specific conditions and the percentage of contacts searching under those conditions relative to the total number of searching contacts.

Agent performance

Multi-Tenant Power BI delivers comprehensive insights into agent performance, including individual sales metrics, commission earned, and contributions to the overall sales landscape.

Visits with buyers

Within this panel, users can explore the count of visits involving a buyer (comparing total visits to those associated with a particular property), transaction statuses, and more. Additionally, users can filter the data using diverse criteria, including sub/category estate, agent name, office name, start date of meetings, and others.

Appointments with owners

Multi-Tenant Power BI unveils insights on appointments with owners, offering a holistic view of scheduling trends, appointment outcomes, and effective owner engagement strategies.


The owners' panel, categorized by origin and funnel status, allows access to valuable insights such as the count of contacts based on their origin, the count of contacts according to their funnel status, the average months it takes to acquire a contact (per agent), the average duration in the current funnel status, and more.


This panel revealed valuable insights from a buyer's perspective, showcasing trends in property preferences, demographic details, and buyer behaviour to enhance decision-making in the real estate market.

New leads

Multi-Tenant Power BI offers comprehensive insights from a New Leads perspective, unveiling trends, conversion rates, and source effectiveness to optimize lead acquisition and enhance strategic decision-making.

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Roweb proved to be a great partner to work with, providing us with a highly responsive team. During our collaboration, I found it very easy to communicate with them and they were very flexible in meeting our requirements. Because of the project's complexity, new requirements came up quite often and they always managed to find and implement the adequate solution on time. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for complex enterprise development projects.

Jean Waucquez

Owner, WHISE nv