10 advantages from working with Roweb vs local staff/contractors

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In addition to the money factor, there are at least 10 advantages you would have from working with us as compared to local staff/contractors:

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  1. Higher Retention of Staff – we have less than 1% turnover of staff, the developers you will get from us will stay with you for the foreseeable life of the project; you don’t get this from local contractors or staff. Lost programmers convert into lost project memory and poorer products. Higher retention translated into more stable products.
  2. Frozen Rates – you would have an minimum 12 months guarantee for frozen fees from us, while contractor rates generally increase faster.
  3. Vertical Scalability – we can provide a wide range of developers: UI/UX designers, front-end developers, specialist API developers etc… You don’t get just a type of programmer, but a cross selection of skills.
  4. Horizontal Scalability – we can scale up and down faster and with no costs for you (time, money etc)
  5. Quick Turnaround – we can provide a very short turnaround for both the vertical and horizontal scalability challenges, you basically have the resources on tap
  6. Proven Specialist Track Record – we have a proven track record with similar clients from Europe, USA, Canada in the various industries
  7. Post Development Support – support will be guaranteed with us; while you may lose or rotate developers in support roles while working with local staff, our retention and subsequent speed of reaction and quality will be guaranteed. Especially in support related activities it is paramount that you have a high retention and the knowledge is not lost.
  8. Shared Risk – Obviously, we would assume certain responsibilities for the project you put into our hands, which is a good thing for your investment.
  9. Increased Sense of Direction – our experience is more than the sum of our parts and we have a large cumulated experience for back-end, front-end, business features etc… We will bring to the table an opinion and a sense of direction that local contractors or even permanent staff cannot provide.
  10. Increased focus on the core of your business – this will give you the necessary time to improve the core of your business and not spend time in hiring and managing technical staff

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