How does a DevOps engineer contribute to the digital transformation of a business? | What is the role of DevOps engineer in Software Development projects?

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In the 21st century, trades fall into two categories: what we might call “classic trades,” such as a lawyer, physician, policeman, and modern trades, closely linked to digital transformation, such as software developer, quality assurance software tester or DevOps engineer.

Since any project or application owner needs digital transformation to grow and grow their business, in this article we discuss the role that a DevOps engineer plays in accelerating the digital journey.

On the other hand, if you want to join the DevOps team within a software company, this article can help you better understand what you have to do and how you can get involved in developing the project.


How does a DevOps engineer contribute to the digital transformation process?

DevOps engineers are the result of the Agile methodology, being involved in delivering end-to-end solutions.

Moreover, there is even talk of a DevOps mentality that contributes to good control over the software work environment and results by merging the two terms that determine the function of “DevOps”: dev – development + ops – operations.

The role of DevOps engineers is significant in the digital transformation process because their actions are like a bridge between all three elements involved: people, processes, and products.

Specifically, DevOps engineers are responsible for standardizing development environments and efficient process automation to deliver fast, secure, and orderly results. In addition, they contribute to implementing approaches that allow adaptation to system changes without affecting in any way its quality.


The advantages of working with a team that includes DevOps engineers:

If you choose to work with a software development company, including DevOps engineers, among the people you make available for your project, the advantages are multiple. Here are some of them that we would like to mention:

Faster delivery of project results – through well-organized activities, adaptation to your requirements and existing market trends. This way, you can benefit from an application or a project when you need it. But, of course, deadlines depend on the information during the technical consultation.

Maximizing the use of resources – whether human or otherwise, teams that include DevOps ensure their full potential is used. Maximizing resources can also be achieved because the DevOps approach is at the same time a lean one – contributing to eliminating overlapping tasks, long waiting times and unjustified bugs.

Project Overview: The role of a DevOps engineer is to abstract sequences and approach project-related situations in a comprehensive and complex manner. It can be a challenge for the work team it is part of, but also a way to get out of the routine, think outside the box, and contribute through innovative ideas and practical solutions.

Careful check before the product goes into production. It is, perhaps, one of the fundamental roles of a DevOps engineer in developing a project. Thus, the engineer must ensure that each stage of development is properly tested before being sent to production.

The advantage for software owners is that they receive a “more refined” product in a shorter time. At the same time, the risk of rejection of the product by end-users is considerably reduced, making us remember the benefit mentioned above: maximizing resources.

Ongoing project monitoring. It is a task that is part of a DevOps work agenda and helps you gain trust that you will reach your goals on time as a project owner (whether it is your project or you prefer outsourcing).

Good collaboration – if the assigned team includes experienced people who can take care of your project, the partnership will go well, and you will be informed about the stage of your project. Therefore, a DevOps engineer helps to streamline work processes and improves communication.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage – The DevOps engineer ensures that all actions on your project go well, and you, in turn, can earn a competitive advantage.


Principles of the DevOps methodology:

These principles are worth following for those who choose to work with a software development team with DevOps engineers among its members and those who are preparing to pursue a career in this field.

  • The activity of the entire development team is customer-centric. The actions aim to develop a product that users accept and bring added value.
  • All team members take responsibility for the project’s development from the beginning to the end.
  • Teams are well defined, with each member knowing their skills and role in the project. At the same time, the team works autonomously.
  • Team members are free to ask questions and come up with development ideas.
  • Optimizing development operations is a priority.


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DevOps engineer
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