Roweb Sports Activities

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Our company activity has a great impact on our clients’ lifestyle and psychology thanks to all the software development undertaken along our 10 years of history. But in orderto achieve quality software products it takes long hours of sitting in front of the computers programming, that’s why we try to find entertaining ways to blow the steam.

The relationship between people working under the same roof stands as an important factor for the company products’ quality, so team work is precondition for any successful firm. To help accelerate this process and to maintain a friendly working environment we encourage our colleagues to have their sports activities as often as possible.

Our sports activity includes cycling, jogging and last but not the least soccer. Once a week we gather and try to give the best we can on the football pitch. We may not have “ Messi” on the field but for sure we have him at his office.

Roweb cycling team has already been “branded“and set in motion on our country roads. The team is very competitive and quite ambitious.

We’ve got few kick-boxing fans among us at Roweb, and the number is getting higher with each “new pair of gloves bought”. Workouts have already begun, so I guess the season will be great!

Cold season is coming soon which leads to other opportunities, like skiing, snowboarding, opportunities which will not be lost by some of our team members.

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