PHP API-SPA Architecture for The ultimate User Experience

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In this article, we share the setup details of the relevant parts of our PHP API-SPA Architecture. You can read about the most pertinent points that you should consider when implementing an app.

API - SPA Architecture

Roweb PHP Architecture

In this PHP architecture, the API is the core. Because it is aggregating the app’s functionality and business logic, and it is always optimized for speed and security. Therefore, Building amazing apps is excellent, making them fast and secure is even better.


We usually build our APIs using a fast micro-framework by Laravel: Lumen. Lumen is one of the best solutions for building micro-services and fast APIs.

The API will aggregate all the logic, services and technologies in the backend:

  • Database: Eloquent ORM provides a beautiful, simple ActiveRecord implementation for working with the database. Hence, eloquent ORM transforms query building and Relationships between models in optimized and straightforward tasks.
  • Microservices: For the scalability of the API, or the application itself, it is best to use microservices for bigger algorithms or reusable functionalities.
  • Queues Services: Pushing jobs to multiple queues can be especially useful for applications that wish to prioritize or segment how tasks are processed.
  • Cache Services: Caching plays a vital role in optimizing the performance of the web app. This because it speeds up the website and makes page load time faster than the conventional ones.
  • Cloud Storage: If the site stores a considerable amount of data, we can opt to upload it to cloud storage and use it whenever it is necessary.
  • Third Party APIs: Every big app requires third-party Apis usage. Lastly, it speeds up the process of development, using already build services, specialized in their domain like Google Maps API, IP APIs, location APIs, etc.


The frontend interface is written using a Javascript Framework, based on the SPA (Single Page Application) Architecture. One of the main benefits is that it allows the user to communicate dynamically with the web app without reloading the page. Consequently, this translates into direct interactive responses to user input, producing more realistic experiences for the users. Therefore, we improved the user experience.

This approach doesn’t mean that it will discard the SEO effects. Consequently, using Next.js, a React framework for server-side rendering, we make sure that pages are easily indexable by search engines and previewable on social media platforms.

Building applications using this architecture is not useful only for the scalability of the web app, but for the whole ecosystem of the application itself.
The most beneficial aspect of building apps API based is that you can consume the API, where the entire business logic is located. Therefore, this happens in all of your applications and devices: web, Android, iOS, desktop, etc. To summarize, you save time and deliver faster to production, which is crucial for the project’s success.

Roweb App Development

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We offer robust solutions for projects of all sizes, relying on the best open source technologies – over 500 successful PHP projects stand as proof of our expertise:

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