Litera - Complete and intuitive purchase process based on Magento 2

eCommerce development for Litera, one of the largest publishing houses and online book sales platforms in the country

  • intuitive product filter system
  • custom-developed preorder system, campaign pages, subscriptions/product series
  • subsidiary brands integration, such as Litera Educational and (audiobooks & ebooks platform)
  • online platform optimized for mobile access


Magento 2, ElasticSearch, CSS, HTML, Redis


Litera Customer Succes Story

Custom development for the eCommerce platform, prioritizing readers' need for quick product discovery.


Our Client

A 100% Romanian brand with over 30 years of experience in the publishing industry, Litera is one of the largest publishing houses in Romania.

Apart from the classical books, the platform provides clients with a vast collection of ebooks and audiobooks available for online download.

Initial project

Upon taking over the project, we discovered the current version of Magento was hindering optimal operation and negatively impacting the user experience.

We encountered issues updating the platform due to the previous development team's changes to the Magento core code. Both the interface changes and the addition of new features were hard to make.

The website was hosted on a classical infrastructure (rented machines) with little support from the hosting company.

Litera Customer Succes Story
Litera Customer Succes Story

Client’s needs & goals

The client wished for a scalable, cloud-hosted eCommerce solution with solid security features to meet their growing functionality demands. Faster load time during high-traffic events like Black Friday or the Christmas holidays was also on the to-do list.

The new requirements

Our development team started by replacing deprecated code while simultaneously delivering new functionalities requested by the business.

The solution

A key part of our collaboration with the Litera team included sessions for changing the existing codebase:

  • cloud optimization,
  • code refactoring,
  • platform updating.

Magento 2 is the ideal platform for this project because of its flexibility in achieving business objectives.

The main benefits of using Magento:

  • solid, secure architecture ensuring a user-friendly purchasing process;
  • structured new functionality development according to the business needs for growth and development;
  • support for customer loyalty and upselling strategies;
  • cloud infrastructure allowing efficient infrastructure scaling;
  • integration with other 3rd-party systems.

Project overview

Development model:

dedicated team




Magento 2, ElasticSearch, CSS, HTML, Redis, Digital Ocean

Project team:

Business Consultant, Project Manager, Software Developers, UX Designers, QA Testers.

The outcome

The platform's ease of maintenance and new functionality development has increased significantly.

Provided services

Code optimization, new store interface development, cloud migration and optimization of ERP integration flows.

Benefits for our client

The platform caters to two types of users. Firstly, the Litera team is able to efficiently manage the order process with the help of the new platform. Secondly, readers can access various suggestions, such as news, offers, and top-selling products, through easy-to-navigate widgets.

Delivery time

Our ongoing collaboration with Litera started in 2021. We currently provide code maintenance, support, and new feature development.

After collaborating with our team, has become a flexible eCommerce platform, quickly adapting to market and business changes.

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Features and functionalities:

The platform was designed with the client's needs in mind, providing an easy-to-use interface without compromising quality. To achieve this, we have implemented the following features:

  • Dynamic widgets, including best-seller products, top reads, special offers, and news;
  • advanced product filtration system based on price, discounts, best-selling products, appearance date, or special delivery of books;
  • product suggestions based on different criteria such as category, author, and more.;
  • preordering system for yet-to-be-published books;
  • a dedicated author page where readers can find all the books belonging to a specific author;
  • integration with Litera ebooks and audiobooks platform;
  • custom rating systems;
  • custom headers / banners that change and adapt to highlight current campaigns;
  • subscription system that ships books from a series automatically, without requiring the user to track the release of each issue
  • powerful search system, allowing for searching by book title, author, or collection.
  • "back in stock" e-mail notifications;
  • order as a logged-in user or as a guest;
  • voucher / discounts system;
  • automatic shipping fees and delivery dates calculator;
  • delivery to lockers (easybox, fanbox);
  • previous purchases history;
  • internal chat system through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger platform.

Project team

Starting from the client's needs, Roweb has allocated a complete team to the Litera platform:

Business Consultant

Project Manager

Software Developers

UX Designers

QA Testers


Litera eCommerce platform
Litera eCommerce solution
Online store with custom functionalities
Magento 2 platform
Online bookstore
Online shop

"Starting from the Litera example, we recommend cloud integration solutions to all our eCommerce clients. The cloud applications benefit from complete data backup and automatic scaling of the production infrastructure during periods of heavy traffic."


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Pitesti Open-Source Manager & Head of eCommerce

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