Commission-Free Ordering
& Delivery System for Green Pub

  • error-free ordering processes
  • performant customer management
  • full control over the sales process
Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub

Fast development of a dedicated ordering & delivery system for Green Pub (using predefined modules and apps architecture) by integrating: an eCommerce website, a customer database mobile app (CRM), and ordering mobile app (iOS & Android), and a contactless (digital) menu.

Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub


Our Client

With 10 years of experience in HORECA, Green Pub is one of the top restaurants preferred by Arges county consumers. The pub offers a very diverse menu, able to respond to a wide audience.

Client’s needs

Before the health crisis, Green Pub took over orders only by phone. Once the pandemic context forced HORECA businesses to adapt, our client chose to fastly implement a new strategy based on two approaches: optimize the menu and shift the sales and marketing focus to online. For the second approach, they needed a reliable software developer partner.

Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub

The solution

The project needed a fast development - so the client could respond quickly to the market’s demands. Based on this expectation, we’ve created a complete ordering and delivery system that was developed on predefined solution architecture.

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The implemented solution integrates several features and modules.

Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub



  • SEO friendly;
  • GDPR compliant;
  • personalized web design with great focus on UX/UI;
  • system for coupons and discounts;
  • unlimited products uploading;
  • push notification system for new orders (via kitchen printer, phone, and email);
  • CTA feature: Call mobile – for phone orders;
  • access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook microdata;
  • SSL certificate install and free hosting;

Customer database app (CRM)

  • client segmentation system (VIP, regular, returning, new, lost opportunities);
  • ordering and delivery management (e.g., real-time notifications sent directly to the restaurant’s kitchen);
  • automated identification of a customer when he calls for a new order;
  • customers data management.
Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub

Ordering Mobile App

Dedicated mobile app developed for iOS and Android, where the customers have access to a constantly updated offer. The app is designed with both customers and provider’s needs and expectations in mind.

Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub
Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub

Contactless menu

By simply scanning a QR code or an NFC tag, the customer’s phone displays the online menu, and the client is able to check out the offer and launch an order remotely.

Other modules, features, and functionalities:

  • table reservation feature (integrated into the website);
  • feedback through QR code and NFC tag;
  • SMS marketing through dedicated features;
  • data and statistics on sales performance;
  • clean and engaging user experience for all the modules implemented;
  • custom design for the website and the apps.

User types:

  • customers
  • restaurant managers
  • restaurant staff (kitchen, ordering)
  • delivery staff
Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub

The outcome

Our client (GreenPub) can now count on a fluent online sales process that is easy to execute and track, and that brings real and immediate benefits to both customers and the restaurant.

Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub

The process


Auditing client’s needs in
the current context


Identifying further
development opportunities


Validating solution’s


Developing the


Uploading content (menu)
on apps and website.


Importing existing users/clients
into CRM


Testing the solutions on multiple channels and devices


Training the client’s staff for a performant use

Top Benefits of working with us:

  • think outside the box;
  • deliver smart and customized solutions;
  • allocate dedicated teams;
  • embody innovative technologies;
  • customize and adapt to dynamic and challenging requests;
  • offer an excellent cost/quality ratio;
  • deliver perfect integration between the solutions.
Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub

Before implementing this solution, we’ve taken orders mostly via phone - a time consuming and unproductive activity if you take into account that not all the clients could reach us. Now, the apps and the solution’s functionalities help us to have better ordering management even when we deal with a high volume of orders. So, the impact is significant in terms of sales and deliveries.

Ordering & Delivery System Green Pub

Ovidiu Stoica

Manager GreenPub & Hush

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