One-stop-solution for real estate tradings | REZIO online portal

- custom real estate online portal

- dedicated functionalities for featured properties (e.g. video)

- mapped properties for fast access


Vue.JS, API: Lumen, Laravel

Developing from scratch a one-stop-solution for the real estate industry enriched with specific features for providing a custom and intuitive user experience.


Our client is a real estate entrepreneur interested in developing an online platform dedicated exclusively to residential complexes.

The business’s main direction is to promote complete offers for new properties (from those in the initial stages of construction to those already ready to receive their owners).

Client’s goals

Our client wanted to launch a full-customized real estate portal to help real estate developers promote their residential complexes in a smart and complete manner.

The main project's objectives:

  • placing built-in features (smart matchings, search tools, contact features, etc.) within reach;
  • dynamic promotion for featured properties;
  • providing complete information on each offer (general, technical, and financial details).


We developed a feature-rich online portal to bound real estate developers with buyers smartly.

The core objective of the Rezio portal is to simplify the processes of market prospecting and effective trading for real estate customers.

Beneficiaries of the platform's intuitiveness:

  • Rezio owner
  • real estate developers
  • properties buyers

The prospecting & trading journey on the Rezio online portal:

  • Explore: On the homepage, visitors are welcomed by a promo video (it is set as a sponsored property by the admin). On the map are also placed pin-points for all the properties that may interest the visitors.
  • Search: Visitors/prospects can find relevant properties by searching through specific criteria (on the homepage) or by typing the residential’s name in the search bar (from the side menu).
  • Favorites: Prospects can save the relevant properties in a Favorites list so they can re-evaluate the offers at any time. The Favorites list can be accessed fast - from the sidebar.
  • Evaluate the property: For each property and each residential complex, the prospects have access to a complete technical description (types of properties, construction stage, neighborhoods, facilities, utilities, configuration level, resistant structure, exterior walls, partitions, installations, etc.)
  • Evaluate the offer: The prospects/potential buyers can get an instant financial estimation for each property (including or not extended assets like parking spaces, car sheds, etc.)
  • Get in touch with the seller: Directly from the website, the potential buyers can get in touch with the seller (residential complex developer) via e-mail, phone number, or by using the contact form.

Features & functionalities:

  • advanced search features (based on specific criteria like property type, no. of rooms, location, etc.);
  • accessing the property directly from the map;
  • search property/residential complex by name;
  • selecting properties as favorites (using cookies only, without storing any personal data);
  • fast access to technical details (resistance structure, exterior walls, partitions, finishes, carpentry, plumbing, etc.);
  • fast access to general information (construction stage, completion deadline, price, etc.);
  • online calculator for a property with extended assets;
  • getting in touch with the seller via e-mail, phone number, or by using the contact form.

The key-benefit for the sellers

Cost-effective ways to advertise and list their properties/ residential complexes.

The key-benefit for the visitors/prospects

One-stop-solution for prospecting and buying properties.

The key-benefit for the portal’s owner

Intuitive and efficient remote business management.

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Project Steps


Auditing client's needs and requirements


Identifying further opportunities for the client


Delivering and validating the project's proposal


Implementing and testing and client approval


Maintenance and management of the delivered solution


Delivering and training internal users for a performant use

Samples of our work

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WordPress, PHP, social media integration, responsive design, blog integration, custom multi-criteria search