Estate Marketplace Development

Multi-option viewing mode (relevance/ importance/ date) by using the DISPLAY feature


The properties are displayed by relevance/ importance/ date

Several DISPLAY features (recommended, latest, most viewed, on the map, etc.) that are able to generate relevance and shorten the trading process.

Smart matchings

Synchronizing the client’s requests (filtering criteria) with seller’s offers.

POI Nearby

Because every relevant search counts, users can save and return to them anytime they need to.

Options for Favorites & Hidden

Adding to Favorites the properties that may be a good match or hiding properties that do not respond to the user's interests.

Technologies we use for developing your marketplace software

Ready to create a marketplace app for real estate?

Web-based and mobile-first solution (WHISE CRM)

Our client needed to replace a desktop solution for real estate companies with a web-based and mobile-first solution while migrating all of the data.

TECHNOLOGY: ASP.NET Web API, Nancy FX, MSSQL, Elasticsearch, Memory cache, Redis, RabbitMQ, SignalR, PRTG, Octopus, Quartz.NET

Real Estate Online Portal

We built this project for the real estate industry with the desire to serve the needs of agencies and end-users, searching for a property, independently, better than before.

TECHNOLOGY: PHP, Laravel, Lumen, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Google Maps API, Docker

Dynamic website for Lumina Park

Increasing the brand’s trustability and the chance of attracting qualified customers through a responsive, SEO-optimized, and user-friendly website.

TECHNOLOGY: PHP, HTML5, WordPress, jQuery, Google Maps API, Bootstrap

Sales-driven website for Smart Imob

Reducing agents’ time and effort, increasing sales volume, and attracting qualified prospects through an easily navigable design, customized WHISE CRM, and advanced features.

TECHNOLOGY: PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap, Web Services, WordPress, Social Media Integration, Responsive Design, Blog Integration, Custom Multi-Criteria Search

CRM & Website for a real estate agency - TopAgent

A complete solution (intuitive WHISE CRM solution integrated with a presentation website plus an external Flex MLS service), that helped our client shortening the learning process for agents and increasing sales volume.

TECHNOLOGY: PHP, Flex MLS (RETS), WordPress, social media integration, responsive design, blog integration, custom multi-criteria search