Website marketing and SEO

Roweb offers helpful tips and insight in seo, pay per click management and social media marketing. We also offer professional consulting for clients who are looking for experienced insight in improving their website positioning.

Website marketing and SEO(Search engine optimization)

Search engine marketing is a cost-effective way for many websites to build traffic and attract potential target audiences. Roweb uses a professional search engine optimization strategy to increase our client's website visibility on the major search engines.

We work out with you and develop a list of target keywords / keyphrases for your site, based on an analysis of your site's goals and content. We also analyze the statistical data on what keywords are being used by searchers to find similar sites.

Overall, the Search Engine Optimization process can be described by the following steps:

  • Website Analysis
  • Keywords Optimization
  • Meta Tags & Web Page Optimization
  • Submission of Web Pages
  • Link Optimization
  • Reporting
  • Maintenance

Depending on your budget and the rate at which you want results, we provide the following submission services:

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Pay-Per-Click

Internet Website Marketing

Our Internet Website Marketing services are designed to make your website work for you. Our mix of services will help you get the results you want at rates you will like.

  • E-Newsletters - A Key Element of Internet Website Marketing: Online newsletters are an effective tool to foster ongoing, regular communication between you and your clients. A properly executed e-newsletter helps to generate leads, increase sales and bolster the credibility of your company. Our e-newsletter service includes graphics, copy-editing, and rewording and sending out the actual newsletters to the email addresses that you specify.
  • Link Popularity Booster - Up Your Internet Website Marketing: In the eyes of search engines, the more other websites point or link to your website, the more popular your website is viewed as. We believe popularity criteria is the hardest to achieve.
  • Ad Banner Design - Allow us to custom-design advertising banners, either static, animated, or interactive (HTML, Flash, etc.), developed using proven design principles, to attract more visitors to your website.

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