Roweb – 20 years of experience | Developing custom software solutions for 20+ industries and verticals

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Roweb 20 verticals industries experience

Since its start in 2004, Roweb has been dedicated to helping companies accelerate their digital transformation journey through bespoke software development. With a comprehensive range of services, a reliable team of skilled professionals, and expertise in a wide array of industries, Roweb stands as a trusted partner in driving innovation and success for businesses worldwide.

End-to-end capabilities for custom solutions

At Roweb, we offer end-to-end capabilities for developing custom software solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. With a team consisting of over 130 developers, over 50% of whom are seniors with extensive expertise, we have the knowledge and resources to create solutions for various industries. From financial services to recruitment & HR, real estate, travel, healthcare, and more, we leverage our experience and technical know-how to deliver results that exceed expectations.

A journey of growth and innovation

Roweb began in 2004 as a small development team comprising three college graduates and their computer science teacher, Viorel Costea, who inspired their passion for programming. From these humble beginnings, our focus has always been on helping entrepreneurs and business owners innovate and change how they do business through scalable and custom software solutions. Over the years, Roweb has experienced natural growth and expansion, evolving into a leading player in the software development industry.

Today, with nearly 20 years of experience in the market, Roweb boasts a large and stable team, with over 50% of our developers holding senior positions, many with more than a decade of experience. We are proud to be involved in complex projects for companies across the globe, including the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Romania, USA, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and beyond. With offices in several locations, including three software development hubs in Romania (Bucharest, Craiova, and Pitesti) and an office in the UK, Roweb is well-positioned to serve clients on a local and international scale.

Delivering excellence, every step of the way

At Roweb, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We take pride in delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations, driving tangible results and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age. With our expertise, dedication, and passion for innovation, Roweb continues to be a trusted partner for companies seeking to unlock their full potential through custom software solutions.

Developing custom software solutions for 20+ industries and verticals

Highlighting some of our greatest projects

Roweb 20 verticals industries experience

Fast business expansion relying on a custom CRM | Real Estate

Relying on custom software developed with our teams, the company was able to provide a high-tech, and automated digital experience for worldwide buyers, owners, renters, investors, and real estate agents.

Roweb 20 verticals industries experience

£30 million winning software solution | HR

Roweb Development helped us win another £30 million (approximately $40 million USD) contract by developing and building a new feature into our technology.

Roweb 20 verticals industries experience

Leading software solution in the northern countries | Tourisms & Hospitality

Together with Roweb we’ve turned a booking system built with small tour operators’ needs in mind, into one of the leading solutions on the market, addressing the needs of large tourism businesses.

Roweb 20 verticals industries experience

360 mobile banking experience | Banking

We developed a mobile app that helps the client to offer 360° banking experience through extended capabilities and safe & secure services.

Roweb 20 verticals industries experience

IRS deadlines extension software solution | Finance

Taxpaying Americans struggled for years to meet the dreaded April 15 deadline for personal income taxes as well as the March 15 deadline for most business income taxes.

Roweb 20 verticals industries experience

SaaS platform for automated  processes | HR

For optimizing the interaction with their products (e.g., support materials, apps, etc), and increasing time speed for informational transfer and processing, Pearn Kandola owners decided to develop an all-in-one platform.

  • Real Estate:Custom software solutions in real estate facilitate property management, listings, client management, transaction tracking, and marketing. These solutions streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and optimize property sales and leasing operations.
  • People Management:“Custom software solutions for people management assist organizations in handling employee data, payroll, performance evaluations, training programs, and compliance. These solutions automate HR processes, improve workforce management, and enhance employee engagement and productivity.”
  • Recruiting:“In the recruiting industry, custom software solutions automate candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, resume parsing, interview scheduling, and candidate assessment. These solutions improve recruitment efficiency, reduce time-to-hire, and enhance the quality of hires”
  • Tourism: Custom software solutions for the tourism industry facilitate online booking, reservation management, itinerary planning, tour management, and customer relationship management. These solutions enhance customer experiences, optimize operations, and increase bookings and revenue.
  • Hospitality:Hospitality businesses rely on custom software solutions for hotel management, reservation systems, guest services, billing, and inventory management. These solutions streamline hotel operations, improve guest experiences, and increase revenue through efficient management of resources.
  • Agriculture:Custom software solutions in agriculture aid in farm management, crop monitoring, yield forecasting, equipment tracking, and supply chain management. These solutions optimize agricultural processes, improve productivity, and enable data-driven decision-making for farmers and agribusinesses.
  • Computers:Custom software solutions for computer systems and software development assist in software engineering, coding, debugging, version control, and project management. These solutions streamline software development processes, improve code quality, and enhance collaboration among development teams.
  • Software:Custom software solutions for the software industry support software development lifecycle management, quality assurance, testing, deployment, and maintenance. These solutions improve software development efficiency, ensure product quality, and accelerate time-to-market for software products.
  • Construction:Custom software solutions in construction facilitate project management, scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation, and collaboration among stakeholders. These solutions optimize construction processes, improve project visibility, and reduce costs and delays.
  • Education & eLearning: Custom software solutions in education and eLearning enable online learning, course management, student assessment, learning analytics, and content delivery. These solutions enhance educational experiences, personalize learning, and improve student outcomes.
  • Entertainment: In the entertainment industry, custom software solutions support content creation, production management, distribution, digital rights management, and audience engagement. These solutions enable the creation of engaging and immersive entertainment experiences for audiences.
  • Event management: Custom software solutions for event management assist in event planning, registration, ticketing, attendee management, and on-site operations. These solutions streamline event logistics, improve attendee experiences, and ensure successful event execution.
  • eCommerce Custom software solutions in eCommerce support online retail, inventory management, order processing, payment processing, and customer relationship management. These solutions enable businesses to sell products online, reach a global audience, and drive sales growth.
  • Tax Payments: Custom software solutions for tax payments automate tax calculations, reporting, compliance, and payment processing. These solutions simplify tax processes, reduce errors, ensure compliance with tax regulations, and facilitate timely and accurate tax payments.
  • Banks: Banking institutions rely on custom software solutions for core banking operations, transaction processing, customer account management, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance. These solutions improve operational efficiency, enhance security, and enable personalized banking services for customers.
  • Insurance: Custom software solutions for insurance companies support policy administration, claims processing, underwriting, risk assessment, and customer relationship management. These solutions streamline insurance operations, reduce administrative overhead, and enhance customer experiences.
  • Foodservice: Custom software solutions in the foodservice industry facilitate online ordering, table reservations, menu management, kitchen operations, inventory tracking, and delivery logistics. These solutions optimize restaurant operations, improve customer experiences, and increase revenue.
  • Health Care: In the healthcare industry, custom software solutions support electronic health records (EHR), medical billing, patient scheduling, telemedicine, and healthcare analytics. These solutions improve patient care, enhance clinical workflows, and enable secure and efficient healthcare delivery.
  • Transport: Custom software solutions in the transport industry aid in route optimization, fleet management, vehicle tracking, logistics planning, and supply chain management. These solutions improve transportation efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure timely and reliable delivery of goods and services.

Samples of our work

Ezebee V2

Web API Architecture, OrientDB, Web Sockets, Braintree API, PayPal API, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, jQuery, CSS3...

Love Parks

ASP.NET, SQL Server, Entity Framework, Twitter Bootstrap, Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, WebAPI, SignalR, jQuery