Outsourcing a Dev. Team:
Cost Generated by Working with a Dedicated Team

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Either you own/work for a software company, or you have a business in other industry that relies on smart technologies (business apps, mobile solutions, etc.) the topic of the cost is a neuralgic one, especially those days when everything is changing around us.

While developing new software projects seems costly and involves medium and long term engagements…

“61.60% of software development companies agree that the average time of software development is 4-6 months.”

(Source: standardfirms.com)

…you are aware that without them your company risks being outdated and less profitable, and may lose important growth opportunities.

Since developing new software projects is no longer a matter of choice but a must-do if you want to stay relevant, you have to rely on an extended team to turn your company’s urgent needs into functional profit-generator tools.

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Dedicated Team Model is the approach based on bringing together business analysis, project management, and skilled external employees’ absorption. By taking over an entire project, a dedicated team will cover all the needs and risks that can occur on a project: from setups operations to project management and team’s architecture and functionality.

How it works


client’s specific needs on the project

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the team architecture and the project’s estimations (time, budget, etc.)

Defining a the team architecture - icon

project’s evolution

Staging - project’s evolution

project stage by stage

Outsourcing a Dev. Team

the project

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and communicating results to the client

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Services covered by a Dedicated Team

  • high-level management
  • project management
  • task management
  • activities and processes supervision
  • project stages and workflow development
  • team architecture
  • logistic management
  • recruiting/selecting/integrating professionals in the project team

The dedicated team pricing system is simple and allows easy estimation. Based on an hourly rate, the client pays monthly bills according to the team size and structure.

Main costs a client has to take into account for working with dedicated team are:

  • Hourly rate according to the team structure
  • Travel expenses (if applicable)
  • Management & communication for the project

Costs like…

  • professionals’ salaries
  • associated hiring taxes
  • logistic investments
  • benefits, taxes
  • recruiting investments

…are supported by the company that provides the dedicated team.

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  • You have daily or weekly access to timesheets.
  • Daily communication and management directly with the project manager or with programmers using standardized industry tools.
  • We use an agile approach to ensure fast development.
  • Fully predictable costs and budget control.

Privacy policies and high security standards

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of your business processes, at any given step.

We take the property rights and data of our customers seriously, and we are committed to handling the personal information of all those who we engage with whether customers, suppliers, colleagues or any other community, responsibly.

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