Marius Baltag: “When it comes to my career at Roweb I have many challenges that keep me constantly trained.” 

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Throughout his personal and professional life, Marius Baltag went through numerous changes and challenges. One thing has remained constant: the passion for tech.

Therefore, we continue the series of interviews #ForTheLoveOfProgramming with the presentation from both tech & personal perspectives of our colleague from the Pitesti department – Marius Baltag – Senior Developer & Software Architect.

Since when are you part of the Roweb team?

Marius Baltag: I came to Roweb in November 2006. I had heard about the company from a college colleague and decided to try it. However, I was lucky because I was part of a project right from the start, and this gave me the opportunity to learn a lot.

Then, for personal reasons, I had to take a break. I had some health problems, and the Roweb team understood me and offered me the opportunity to come back. So I did. I returned to work as soon as I got back on my feet.


“When I was little, my parents took out a financial loan and bought me a computer.”

What made you choose IT?

Marius Baltag: When I started working with Roweb, I was a student at the Faculty of Electronics, Computers and Telecommunications, majoring in Computers. So, on a theoretical level, I had taken the first steps towards a career in the IT industry. But, beyond all this, the basis of my decision was my passion for the tech side.

When I was little, my parents took out a financial loan and bought me a computer. It was a great effort, for which I am grateful, but it helped me realize that this is what I want to do.

Roweb, as it was when you joined the company vs today’s Roweb. What do you think has changed? What remained the same?

Marius Baltag: There were at most 10 people when I came. Thus, things were beginning to take shape, and a direction for development was slowly emerging. Even the PHP technology was in its infancy, especially in Romania. However, I also gained experience using other technologies that were more popular then.

Eventually, in 2011, I transitioned fully to PHP.

Now, things have evolved considerably. The number of departments, offices, projects and employees has increased. We have dedicated teams for each project and technology that help us maintain long-term partnerships.


“Change does not necessarily mean replacement.”

What made you stay as part of the team?

Marius Baltag: The understanding I received when I had health problems, the trust that was given to me when I had to manage projects and challenges. I always went through challenges that kept me training.

During my time at Roweb, I experienced several changes, but they were all positive and brought about greater harmony. This aligns with a principle I believe in: change does not necessarily mean replacement. Change must be evolution and improvement.

Can you name a few challenges?

Marius Baltag: Over time, I worked with several technologies and frameworks and was part of various projects. However, changing technologies, although I liked it, is very challenging. Attention must be paid to each, even if they have many aspects in common.

I have experience working on the IoT side of programming – a part of programming that I find exciting. This part was very well related to what I studied in college. Regarding my particular project, security was the most challenging because it was a must in respecting a specific protocol.


“I was fortunate enough to be involved in developing various projects.”

What were the first projects?

Marius Baltag: As I mentioned before, one of the exciting aspects of my activity at Roweb is the fact that I had the opportunity to take part in developing several types of projects: from start-ups to large-scale projects, based on Agile methodology and procedures. Thus, I was involved in more complex projects, but I also developed software products where the primary indicator we had to consider was “time-to-market”.

I had both flexibility and dynamism. And I also took various roles and responsibilities: software developer, architect software, team lead etc.

But, looking back and running the entire activity in my mind, the first serious project was Whise – a client of Belgian origin that represents, at the same time, the most extended ongoing project in the Roweb portfolio.

What recommendations do you have for young people at the beginning of their careers?

Marius Baltag: First, I strongly recommend they participate in summer practice programs and internships. I am one of the coordinators of Roweb’s internships. I don’t deal directly with the students, but I participate in the process and support the mentors who guide the interns.

And my experience as a coordinator showed me that it is an excellent opportunity for those at the beginning of their career to follow such programs that give them free access to information.

Secondly, I recommend everyone find their place in this vast programming field. To make choices that suit them, starting with the technologies to work with and up to the roles they want to have in the development teams. One must be patient and not skip stages. A career is built over time.

But what advice would you give to the 18-year-old version of you – who is at the beginning of his career?

Marius Baltag: I would offer some advice that I also received at one point from a colleague from Roweb (Stefan Nicolae): to try to maintain a balance in everything. Managing our time is a challenge we all face in life. It often involves juggling three essential aspects – personal, professional, and family. Balancing these three elements right from the beginning is crucial.

If you hadn’t worked in IT, what other job do you think you would have had?

Marius Baltag: I would have been an engineer. And I would have chosen the Automotive part. Or the Robotics part.

I was also passionate about the hardware part. I inherited this passion from my grandfather. He was a carpenter who loved wood a lot and who was very meticulous in what he did. And I learned the craftsmanship part from him, so to speak. When I was little, I played with motors, LEDs and batteries. I had many small projects, and I liked fixing toys and things. As an adult, I switched to my passion for repairing cars. I buy cars and try to repair and upgrade them by myself.

When are you not at the office, where can we find you most often?

Marius Baltag: Traveling (I decided to see as much of Europe as possible). Mastering something. Repairing cars. I like the Rally part also. Spending time with family (with my son who is growing up very fast) or volunteering.

What kind of volunteer actions are you involved in?

Marius Baltag: I have decided to dedicate a few weekends each month to volunteering for a programming club affiliated with an association. My role involves teaching programming to middle school students in a fun and relaxed manner through games and playful activities.

Now, after many years of experience at Roweb and in programming, what is the motto/quote that represents you best?

The part I mentioned before:

Things must be repaired and not replaced.

Marius Baltag interview

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