Roweb Development named The best Software Development Company in Bucharest by GoodFirms

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Data is the base of many businesses today, and for effective data analysis, software development is essential. Day-to-day data is collected from various tasks and activities in an organization. When it is combined with the right software, it is utilized by businesses to keep a record of the trends among the clients.

Our main focus is on providing custom software development services (with in-house teams or dedicated development teams) relying on our experience of delivering robust mobile applications, enterprise-based applications, e-commerce, and web portals to clients from diverse verticals, including HR, Financing, Recruiting, Logistics, Safety, Real Estate, and Hospitality. The company was founded in 2004 in Romania and has 3 offices across the country and our operations are flexible enough in engagement models and approach.

Roweb Development holds a solid background in implementing complex IT projects for global clients. The dedicated team of experienced developers has successfully implemented over 1000 projects until now (and still counting). The team dedicatedly works on the mobile, web, and desktop-based applications focusing on user experience, custom online portals, and e-commerce solutions.

“From business and mobile apps to e-commerce & to e-payments apps, we always aim to assist clients’ businesses to get innovative and reliable business solutions. We plan, create, implement, test, and migrate cloud applications along with providing a number of cloud services like Amazon Azure, Windows Azure, and Rackspace to create business, web, and mobile apps,” Viorel Costea, Co-founder & CEO, Roweb development, shared.

Check out a client review given below to depict how efficiently Roweb Development serves its clients.

Roweb Development became a certified partner to Microsoft in 2008 and has been in business for over 18 years. Apart from having 3 offices in Romania, the company operates in 30 other countries as well. 130+ professional developers are constantly providing their valuable services to the global clientele and have given 60+ man-years on their longest project in the company.

iOS, Android, Windows mobile app development platforms are used for developing quality apps and mobile-optimized websites. Continuous training benefits to the professionals, and Microsoft Certified Professionals and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists ensures high-quality, leading-edge software, web development solutions and consultancy.

NodeJS, ReactJS, and AngularJS team delivers real-time, data-intensive, single-page, and highly event-driven applications, including chat software, social networking apps, real-time tracking dashboards, ERP solutions, real-estate platforms, and intranet projects. Roweb Development also assures custom PHP development services for e-commerce, SaaS, content management solutions, web portals and communities, social networks, industry-specific applications, and B2B and B2C marketplaces.

“We are proud to be reconized as one of the top software development companies in Bucharest in the GoodFirms listings. We are always striving to maintain our quality-based and consistent performance to fulfill our clients’ expectations.”, the CEO adds further.

*GoodFirms is a leading review and rating platform that enables businesses, software companies, and IT service providers to collaborate for mutual benefits.

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