Roweb took part in a workshop for improving local students’ access to University programs

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On September the 9th, the Senate Hall in the University of Pitesti hosted the workshop “Increasing access to higher education as part of social equity and inclusion.”

The event was part of a project entitled “Informing, counselling and guiding career decisions for students in Arges County, to increase access to higher education as part of social equity and inclusion (AG – GUIDING – CAREER)”.

Roweb took part in this workshop as an active partner to the University in this program, which includes activities like meetings between students, employers and volunteers, organizing 5 “Career Days” events in high schools in Pitesti as well as the University, and developing an online platform to deliver useful information to the students, to help them improve their career decisions.

The program we are partners in will continue until December and aims to improve the collaboration between the academic environment, high schools and the business environment in Arges, in order to develop and implement measures and tools that will facilitate students’ access to University studies, regardless of their socio-economic background.

Additionally, by informing and counselling high school students, the project aims to help them efficiently design and manage their own career plans.