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It’s March already?

In that case, this month is more about women in general, and it’s mostly about Roweb’s women in IT. So, excuse me, gentlemen, if this article doesn’t seem to take you into account. (But let’s be fair – you are experiencing March months for a while. So, you are, somehow, trained to leave the spotlight on ladies.)

I promise I won’t press the feminist gas pedal too hard across this article and I’ll try to remain as objective as possible.

So, in this article, you’ll find something about…

  • first women that wrote history in the tech field;
  • how the workplace environment in the tech field looks like today and how inclusive is it, after all;
  • Roweb’s workplace environment;
  • Roweb’s feminine staff.



When I think of the women who made history in the tech field, the very first name that comes into my mind is Ada Lovelace. The founder of scientific computing and the first computer programmer remained iconic for the fact that intelligence and potential have nothing to do with gender, the color of the skin, or the limitations imposed by a certain era.

Her story is inspirational for women and girls of any age, that’s for sure. But it’s not the only one.

Here there is their list in a nutshell (hoping I succeeded to tease your curiosity to find out more about them):

Women In Tech Field
  • Edith Clarke – became the first professionally employed female electrical engineer in the United States in 1922;
  • Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper – known for the development of computer languages written in English, rather than mathematical notation;
  • Katherine Johnson – has made significant contributions to America’s aeronautics and space programs by her incorporation of computing tools;
  • Maria Klawe – helped in raising the percentage of women majoring in computer science from less than 15 percent to more than 40 percent today;
  • The ENIAC Programmers – as part of a secret World War Two project, six young women programmed the first all-electronic programmable computer;
  • Grace Hopper – developed the first compiler in 1952 which converted mathematical code into machine-readable code;
  • Annie Easley – her initial code led to the invention of battery technology used in early hybrid cars;
  • Sheryl Sandberg – has played an imperative role in the success of Facebook.

(source: https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov and https://blog.grabcad.com/blog/2019/10/17/women-in-tech//)



The world is changing – and entrepreneurs’ perceptions are also changing. After such a pandemic and challenging year, the workplace environment is not the same anymore (in all industries).

The context forced companies to rethink teams and people and to accelerate their openness.

From adapting fast to remote work to creating more inclusive teams, grow-focused companies adopted a more flexible approach, owners and leaders becoming even more aware of the employees’ role and value.

But the “inclusiveness” trend wasn’t launched during COVID.

In the past years, remarkable changes were noticed in the tech field while new ones are announced.

Let’s take a brief look at some trends revealed by stats:

  • 74% of school-age girls express a desire for a career in STEM fields;
  • companies with at least 30% female leaders had net profit margins up to 6% higher than companies with no women at the top;
  • companies in the top quartile for gender equality are 15% more likely to boost financial returns above their national industry medians.

(source: blog.grabcad.com )

Women In Tech Field



We’ve never seen hiring as an “exclusion versus inclusion” theme. It was always about the candidate’s value.

That’s why today we have in our company women that work for over 10 -15 years (Melania-Elena, Lavinia, and Mariana-Felicia, special thanks for your loyalty and hard work).

As for the roles covered by women in Roweb, there is great diversity: from tech positions (programmer, Q&A, etc.) to leader roles (team leaders, project managers, etc.) and support ones (Sales, Marketing, etc.).

Moreover, periodically we organize internship programs where professional motivation plus programming skills are the key criteria for the selection process.

That’s why a significant part of our interns are women that now work as full-time employees (e.g., Anca, Laura, and Ioana). Their satisfaction continues to stand in the fact that they have the opportunity to grow and extend their IT experience constantly.



We’ve just launched a new Internship program.

Check out the details



Getting back to March, this is your month, ladies.

Happy Women’s Day and thank you for your contributions. Your hard work and dedication shine through everything you do, and your efforts have made a real difference in our company.

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