Roweb offers you a very comprehensive range of Windows Phone 7 apps to address your many business needs. All the Windows Phone 7 smartphone users, would be able to confirm that the level of innovation and functionalities offered, is truly impressive.

The UI of Windows Phone 7 is not only innovative but is also striking on the same time offers some amazing functionalities. Windows Phone 7 app development is based on on XNA, .NET Compact Framework 4, and Silverlight, also it renders an outstanding platform for building faster and smoother app development.

Check out the services that our Windows Phone 7 apps development team can offer:

  • Business app development
  • Games app development
  • Social Networking app development
  • Entertainment app development
  • Travel app development
  • Sports app development
  • Windows Phone 7 comes with a great and improved functionality, and that is the Windows Marketplace, which has been specially designed to solve 2 very important problems which are faced by Windows Phone developer community, the monetization and distribution.

There are few reasons on why you should entrust us with your Windows Phone 7 App Development, among those reasons we can mention the following:

Roweb is a very praised Microsoft partner, our long years of experience and technical knowledge gives us the ability to offer our customers the best Microsoft based solutions.

We believe that the improvement process is continuous, even if we are a very trusted name in the IT outsourcing market we never stop employing the right attitude to provide best possible software solution.

Thanks to our very skilled development team, our name is highly esteemed among our world-wide customers from UK, USA, Canada, Europe and even Australia.


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