Telrik RadControl

Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX includes more than 60 controls with proven reliability that help you build high-quality, professional line of business web applications.

Controls built on ASP.NET AJAX

Telerik RadControls are developed on top of Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX and do not introduce a proprietary AJAX implementation. As a result, you enjoy the benefits of leveraging industry-standard Microsoft AJAX technology. Your apps are as fast, as secure, and as powerful as Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX. And with the Microsoft CDN, you experience unmatched performance benefits thanks to resource caching and sharing.



No need to learn another vendor's API - if you have worked with ASP.NET AJAX, you know how to work with RadControls. The RadControls provide APIs that closely match and extend the APIs of the default ASP.NET controls. You can also enjoy the product's extensive client-side JavaScript API without a steep learning curve. Our controls use the same events, naming and base methods as the Microsoft framework. We simply extend it to provide a richer end-user experience and more productive developer experience.


Complete cross-browser support

RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX provides a consistent experience across all major browsers: Internet Explorer (including IE6), Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. Telerik is also the fastest to support new browsers and browser versions, ensuring your site performance is not interrupted by new browser releases. See browser compatibility table.


Seamless compatibility with Silverlight

RadControls make it easy to extend the standards-based richness of ASP.NET applications by integrating with the amazing capabilities of the Silverlight platform. You can easily embed rich Silverlight functionality existing applications without reworking your apps from scratch. Check out our integration demos of RadChart for Silverlight and RadUpload for Silverlight running in ASP.NET environment. Or watch a webinar on how to use RadControls for Silverlight in ASP.NET


Integrated jQuery

RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX includes the jQuery library and supports it natively. jQuery is used internally by the controls for advanced visual effects and client-side data binding, as well as for html, css and JavaScript manipulation. By leveraging this Microsoft-supported library, RadControls deliver unparalleled client-side richness on a small, compact script footprint.


Bare minimum HTML

Telerik's AJAX UI controls use advanced CSS rather than structural HTML to keep output clean and minimal. The semantic HTML rendering not only improves the responsiveness of your applications by reducing page size, but it also makes web pages more accessible by screen readers (for visually impaired users) and more search engine (SEO) friendly.


Simple skinning

Professional web applications require professional looking skins. RadControls come with more than 10 professionally designed common skins to ensure web applications have a consistent look and feel- no professional design skills required. Applying any common skin is as easy as setting a single property. There is no need to copy hundreds of files to your project to use different skins. And you don't need to be a CSS wizard to customize Telerik skins thanks to our intuitive, web-based Visual Style Builder.


Wealth of Technical Resources

A great product is worthless without great learning resources. Fortunately, Telerik has one of the largest and most up-to-date collections of learning resources available for developers. We recognize that different developers learn in different ways, too, so we provide learning resources in many different formats, including technical documentation, step-by-step PDF courseware, videos, interactive training sessions, KB articles, code library items and even custom consulting. Mastering the RadControls is easy no matter how you prefer to learn.


Enterprise tested. Enterprise approved.

Microsoft and many other Fortune 500 Enterprise customers rely on Telerik for their web development needs. Telerik is a recognized leader in the Microsoft .NET developer tools and UI components industry and it has a solid track record for innovation. As a Telerik customer, you have a reliable partner with more than 7 years of .NET development experience delivering solutions that keep your business ahead of the technology curve. Read about Microsoft's implementations using Telerik products in our expansive collection of real world case studies.


An active community you can rely on

One of the biggest 3rd party .NET communities on the net is here to help you. With more than 350,000 forum threads and a growing community of more than 300,000 developers, you can ask a question and be sure that either Telerik or one of your peers will come to the rescue. Try it for yourself and experience the difference of the Telerik Community.


Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 Support

Following our tradition to closely track Microsoft's release schedule, the ASP.NET AJAX toolset now offers support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0. The controls further enhance the Visual Studio 2010 development experience through support for client templates, toolbox support, integration with the JavaScript IntelliSense® engine, smart design-time support, and SharePoint design-time integration. Read more about Visual Studio 2010 support and how we're helping you prepare for the future today.


Full .NET 3.5 Support

The Telerik AJAX controls fully leverage .NET 3.5 and come with built-in support for LINQ, LinqDataSource, EntityDataSource, ADO.NET DataServices, MVC and Dynamic Data. While RadControls allow you to adopt the latest technologies, they also fully support .NET 2.0. To see an example of RadControls working with .NET 3.5 watch this video on using Entity Framework with RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX.


Highly Accessible ASP.NET AJAX Editor

Telerik is committed to supporting organizations that bridge the accessibility needs of people with disabilities. Innovative enhancements in the ASP.NET AJAX RadEditor make it one of the most accessible web-based rich text editors on the market, enabling new opportunities for sight-impaired users. The improvements in RadEditor are the result of collaboration with the Royal National Institute of Blind People, one of the world's leading advocates for the blind. RadEditor is showcased in RNIB's new accessible website. Test the accessibility of RadEditor in our online demos.


Tuned for exceptional performance

Achieving exceptional performance is one of the biggest challenges in web development, and a key requirement for almost all web applications. With RadControls, you deliver unrivaled performance even in the most demanding Enterprise applications. RadControls feature numerous capabilities that help improve your site performance, such as built-in AJAX, built-in support for JSON binding on the client, automatic ViewState and HTTP compression, efficient rendering with CSS sprites and semantic HTML, effortless script and skin resource combining, and CDN support. Used in combination, you can effortlessly optimize websites for maximum performance without writing any complex code.


RadControls run on Linux

Linux developers that want to build rich AJAX applications to run in a Linux environment have full access to the Telerik RadControls. Telerik AJAX UI controls are the first suite of ASP.NET controls to be tested to work beyond Windows. RadControls fully support the Mono runtime environment, an open source .NET framework sponsored by Novell, tailored for development of .NET Linux applications. See RadControls running live in our Linux online demos.


Rich client-side capabilities

RadControls delivers a client-side API that is nearly identical to its rich server-side API. That makes it easy to migrate code from the server to the client and deliver true, Web 2.0 experiences that leverage JavaScript for desktop-like responsiveness. Using client-side access to control properties, along with client-side data binding to JSON web services, you can deliver unmatched user experiences and take the browser experience to another level. Read a whitepaper to learn more about how Telerik makes client-side development easy.


Cloud Ready: Amazon S3, Windows Azure and More

With the rapid evolution of cloud computing, you need tools that are tested and ready for cloud development. Using LINQ, REST service calls and the client-side data binding capabilities of RadControls, you can quickly read and write data to cloud data databases. You can also create and deploy cloud-based applications with Telerik UI controls to popular cloud platforms like Windows Azure and Amazon EC2. For an example read a blog post on deploying RadControls to Windows Azure


Support for ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC is a new alternative for building ASP.NET web applications, but it lacks built-in support for time saving UI controls. Telerik AJAX UI controls support Microsoft MVC and allow you to begin using the emerging platform while still leveraging familiar rich UI controls from ASP.NET WebForms. Visit our integration demo to see this support in action. Additionally, Telerik offers native ASP.NET MVC components that are purpose built for the ASP.NET MVC platform. If you are interested in UI components that are designed for the ASP.NET MVC platform, visit the online MVC demos to learn more.



Telerik developer-friendly automated testing tool helps you easily test ASP.NET AJAX and client-side functionality or bind test steps to a data source without leaving Visual Studio. It also supports JavaScript function invocation and validation directly from your .NET code. Learn more