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We help you grow your online business by efficiently using one of the top customizable, open-source eCommerce platform: WooCommerce

Online Stores Created from Scratch

Extended Features & Plugins Development

Migrate Existing Stores to WooCommerce

Smart 3rd Party Integrations

WooCommerce Websites Maintenance


WooCommerce is one of the most popular and flexible eCommerce platforms providing access to various features:

  • easy content management (the platform is built on WordPress);
  • open-source eCommerce platform;
  • easy products catalog management;
  • access to multiple design templates;
  • access to multiple standard plugins (free or premium) for payments, shipping, social media, e-mail marketing platform, Analytics, etc.;
  • fast launch on the market;
  • cost-efficient and high quality.


We build end-to-end eCommerce solutions that drive more traffic and conversions to your online business. Our UX and graphic design specialists will ensure the best shopping experience for your customers. Or if you need online payment solutions integrated into a website with a non-retail focus, we have that covered as well.

If you need a new web store or to redesign your current one, our eCommerce development experts will build a highly interactive solution to optimize operations, provide your customers with the best shopping experience and increase sales. Our online shops and online payment solutions focus on scalability, security, and easy maintenance that doesn't interfere with your business operations. We also ensure third-party integration of ERP and CRM software, web services, and various APIs.

Our dedicated teams (involved in eCommerce) have extensive experience in offering high-quality services for WooCommerce projects:

Areas of expertise: Retail, HORECA, Real Estate, Fashion, Automotive, Home & Deco, Tourism, etc.

Online Stores Created from Scratch

Extended Features & Plugins Development

Migrate Existing Stores to WooCommerce

Smart 3rd Party Integrations

WooCommerce Websites Maintenance

Online Stores Created from Scratch

Once you decide that you want to start a digital-only business, you can count on us to build the eCommerce website that will define your online presence.

  • help you to choose the right website architecture/template;
  • develop a full-customized website that is, also:
    • brand-wise designed;
    • SEO friendly;
    • GDPR compliant;
    • optimized UX/UI.
  • upload the initial website content (products catalog, main pages descriptions, etc.);
  • test the solution and train you/your staff for efficient use.

Extended Features & Plugins Development

Digital solutions need to be adapted and/or expanded as your business grows. We help you obtain as many features and functionalities as you need (e.g., subscriptions for membership-based offers, tracking customer’s behavior via customer history, flexible payments methods, delivery systems, warehouse management, etc.)

Migrate Existing Stores to WooCommerce

If you already have a store, but it no longer responds to your needs, it’s natural to take into account building a new one on a more flexible and modern platform. Once you decide that WooCommerce is the right solution for your business, we will help you migrate all the website content safely by:

  • preserving your website’s Google authority;
  • following SEO best practices;
  • migrating your products' catalog, customer data, and orders;
  • migrating your processes to WooCommerce;
  • minimizing downtime during and after the go-live.


Smart 3rd Party Integrations

We help you automate time-consuming and repetitive activities and get seamlessly 3rd party integrations by:

  • importing products' data from external data sources;
  • integrating with ERP/CRM systems for catalog/stock synchronization, pushing orders to your ERP, and synchronizing customers and their price levels (DIBS, Mangopay, and Postfinance);
  • currency updates;
  • integrating with marketing tools to improve conversion (analytics & BI systems, newsletter systems, social marketing systems).

WooCommerce Websites Maintenance

Everything in eCommerce has a continuous dynamic (promoted products, offers, discounts, product images, etc.). For doing things right and on time, you need expert support. So, you can count on us to keep your website running smoothly:

  • website updates;
  • urgent CMS support;
  • CMS version upgrades;
  • design/development updates and optimizations;
  • security scan;
  • site backups.

Ready to re/start your online business with WooCommerce?


Teilor- Magento Platform

Magento 2, Bootstrap, Rest APIs, Google Maps APIs, MobilPay, Odoo, Kayako


Magento / CSS3 / HTML5 / Ajax / Webservices


Android SDK, ​MPAndroidChart, ​GreenDao, ​Firebase, ​Retrofit, ​Glide, ​MVP

Before implementing this solution, we’ve taken orders mostly via phone - a time consuming and unproductive activity if you take into account that not all the clients could reach us. Now, the apps and the solution’s functionalities help us to have better ordering management even when we deal with a high volume of orders. So, the impact is significant in terms of sales and deliveries.

Ovidiu Stoica

HushClub Manager


How fast can your team develop a WooCommerce solution for my business?

Developing an eCommerce solution based on these dynamic and flexible platforms is, usually, just a matter of weeks. Still, if your business needs custom features and 3rd party integrations, the delivery time will be extended according to their complexity.

How many products can WooCommerce handle?

WooCommerce needs more memory than a basic WordPress install for handling thousands of products, and this isn’t typically an issue with a decent host.

Are you going to use an existing WooCommerce theme or build something custom?

Themes are a great way to get online faster and have a clear overview of how your store will look like, from the very beginning of the project development. However, if your business needs a full-custom interface, our internal design team can make it happen.

Which are the steps for developing a WooCommerce solution?

Once we agree on starting the development process for your eCommerce solution, the very first thing will be to audit your business needs. This will allow us to choose the correct eCommerce platform architecture and define its core functionalities. The next steps are defined by design + development + 3rd party integrations + responsiveness across all devices.

Can I manage the maintenance for my WooCommerce solution with in-house employees?

WooCommerce allows you to manage platform updates yourself. Still, we strongly recommend using a professional team for technical maintenance (platform upgrades, design/development updates, and optimizations, security scans, backups) to avoid data loss and long downtime.