Why Outsource?

Staff augmentation services can significantly reduce the capital investment required in hardware, software, manpower and support, replacing it with an easy and predictable monthly operational spend.

Why outsource software development?


What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing literally means staff augmentation services for your activity to one who is not on your shore or who is beyond your shore. Offshore staff augmentation services is a concept in which the buyer of the service is located in some other country then the provider of the service.

Organizations are tempted to invest in offshore staff augmentation services resources because when compared to their own countries, certain nations have vast & easily accessible resources that can be exploited to gain competitive advantage.

Staff augmentation is the new buzzword rocking the global economic environment. Staff augmentation services have changed the way business is conducted today. Every businessman today, welcomes any information on staff augmentation services. More and more organizations are utilizing various resources of staff augmentation service to gain business advantage.



  • Reduce costs, risks and time to market;
  • Benefit of international cooperation;
  • Run your primary business while reinforcing it with solutions and services from Roweb;
  • Act like famous companies (Microsoft, HP and IBM are just a few of the big companies that outsource);

Software development is different

If your company core competence does not include software development, it is wise to start considering staff augmentation services. Investing man-hours and budget in unfamiliar technologies reduces your team efficiency in producing your main products. As a result, loss of efficiency may lead to the failure of the business.


Finding qualified developers is hard

Finding, hiring, and integrating new staff is a difficult task. You save time and money by outsource to an expert team that can handle any kind of software development for your business.


Pay only for the people you need

Different stages of the project require different resource amounts. Extra costs are inevitable if you hire your own team and maintain it all the time. However, staff augmentation services companies use "saleable" teams - amount of people assigned to the project depending on its phase. Here at Roweb we have a number of projects running simultaneously and can easily reallocate and assign resources to your project. You pay only for those currently involved in the project.


Rapid project start

Staff augmentation services are a good choice for a rapid-start project because there is no need to hire and prepare your own team. Dealing with Roweb, you avoid typical newcomer's problems and mistakes. Our significant experience made the difference in many projects. We consult and assist you from the very first contact with our company and as long as you need it.


Reduce risk

Software development has its own technological process that should be carefully studied before you start an IT project. This may take a lot of time. This is a risk if your company is not involved in this field professionally. Staff augmentation services companies like Roweb already have the required experience, which reduces the risks dramatically.