GPeC Summit 2022 | Roweb being part of the Romanian Digital Community

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It was the GPeC Summit 2022 – one of the most important e-Commerce events in Romania. We were there, along with e-Commerce and software development partners, Digital Marketing influencers, e-Commerce speakers, and mentors.

However, it was exactly as we expected: an energetic event with positive vibes that managed to bring together industry enthusiasts and people waiting to meet to exchange exciting ideas inside the National Theater in Bucharest.


GPeC – interaction and networking with the Digital community

At the same time, we can consider the GPeC Summit as an essential step for interaction and networking in the context of daily life on the border between the crisis caused by the pandemic and the international military conflicts.

Taking the pulse of the event, we realized that visitors needed such an opportunity to (re)connect them with e-Commerce service providers and help them discover what would suit them.

Thus, at the Roweb stand, curious visitors stopped to find out what our services are in the e-Commerce industry and how we could help them develop digital solutions for their business or customers.

We also had the pleasure of meeting partners with whom we already communicate by e-mail or other intermediate platforms but whom we have not seen face to face so far.

Therefore, we can say that it was a “warm-up” of some interesting collaborations and projects that we are preparing for in the future.

Although we have been participating in the GPeC since 2018, and the clients in our portfolio have won significant prizes at this event, we must admit that every year the organizers and participants manage to surprise us pleasantly. The challenge of coming up with something new is always there.

And maybe that’s why this summit is an event with a 17-editions tradition.


What about the conference?

The conference room was packed. Our team had the pleasure of participating in several sessions that presented the trends in the dynamic industry of e-Commerce and the importance of developing a complete strategy for creating such solutions.

Moreover, GPeC speakers reminded the importance of developing a complete e-Commerce solution with an organized workflow: from the platform chosen for developing the online store to the brand communication strategy.

The Digital Community in Romania resonated with the ideas transmitted at the conference, mainly since the special guests analyzed the Romanian industry – they gave examples of local projects, highlighting concrete cases with their good or bad e-Commerce strategies.

However, topics such as the efficient and correct use of the data collected about the users of e-Commerce platforms were the favorites of the GPeC audience.


What comes next?

The Roweb team encourages participation in events such as GPeC for networking, keeping up with industry trends, and, last but not least, for the involvement and professionalism of the organizers.

Based on this, GPeC and MWC Barcelona were only the first events of this year in which we participated as exhibitors. Furthermore, our agenda is busy with other international meetings and summits, such as:

  • GITEX GLOBAL 2022, Dubai – technical industry meeting, with more than 400 exhibitors.
  • Swiss IT Forum(s) 2022, Switzerland – an exhibition & an offline forum dedicated to business software and IT Solutions.
  • MWC 2022, Las Vegas – an opportunity to discover the latest trends in the mobile industry.

In addition, we will organize and participate in career events. For example, at the beginning of summer, on June 17, we will meet you at Jobs4IT in Craiova. We will be back soon with details on the blog and Social Media.

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