Plata RCA goes mobile on Android and iOS devices

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A Pitesti based company, has launched Plata RCA mobile app for Android and iOS users, making vehicle owners’ life as easy as possible when it comes to ordering via internet for the suitable RCA insurance policy.

Anyone can easily buy the desired RCA insurance using his mobile phone, the document is delivered by courier to the mentioned postal address via Plata RCA mobile application. Plata RCA app is straightforward and fast , simply by filling in vehicle’s and owner’s data users can choose the most advantageous insurance.

At this moment, with just a few finger taps any iOS and Android user has the power to buy any RCA insurance policy using his handset. The whole ordering process, including insurance documentation travel takes up to 48 hours.

Plata – RCA offers, relying on client’s demand, a wide variety of insurance and reinsurance products and services, representing clients’ interests in relation to nationwide insurers, negotiating terms and conditions on their behalf for obtaining advantageous contracts.

The Android and iOS development for Plata RCA mobile helps users choose the cheapest and best suited vehicle insurance, delivering the most efficient choice to a great price performance ratio.

Here is a quick overview over the top app features:
MULTIPLE CARS and OWNERS – the app saves details of many owners who can have many cars associated.
ORDER BEST INSURANCE – when a certain criteria is set
COMPETITIVE INSURANCE PRICE – according to saved info, it will display all the prices for insurance products and companies while the user can select the most preferable one.
NOTIFICATIONS – the app allows saving alerts and the user will be notified when the expiration date is due.

Android ( )
● XML content type structure
● Alarm Manager
● SQLite local database using GreenDAO ORM
● presentation layer: XML
● Android 2.2 +
iOS ( )
● XML content type structure
● Local Notifications
● SQLite local database
● iOS 4.3 +

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