Over 3 years of Plata-RCA in Romania

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Plata RCA, slowly but surely became one of the major players in the auto insurance brokerage market from Romania.

From the very beginning they have developed a safe and effective system in which customers can order online, different types of insurance, Eg: home, cars, medical, travel, from all major local insurers.

The company’s main goal is to provide a unified tool for clients seeking best suited insurances at competitive prices, from a complete range of RCA agencies such as: Omniasig, Asirom, Astra Asigurari, Euroins, Carpatica ASIG, Allianz Tiriac, BCR Asigurari, UNIQA, Abc, Generali Asigurari, Groupama Asigurari, Ardaf.

Plata-RCA website is interogating a database with insurance producst from all major companies listed above . Since it’s release in 2011 Plata-RCA has constantly increased it’s number of clients, as the website meets all the accesibility, flexibility and safety measures, bringing a series of major advantages like quick issuing, competitive cost, secured personal information and instant access to information about insurance products, promotions and damage advice or consultancy.

We have created a modern and efficient system from where Plata RCA clients can buy safely and easily insurance packages straight from the home comfort. This, practically is a personal management insurance portfolio system that a growing number of people considers it irreplaceable. It represents clients interest in relation to insurers and reinsurers companies, negotiating terms and obtaining advantageous contracts.

Anyone can buy the desired RCA insurance policy easily using his mobile phone, the document being received by courier to the mentioned postal address via Plata RCA mobile application.

The system has been adapted to provide assistance for mobile savys also, Plata RCA iOS and Android development was released to help people order insurance policies directly from their handsets. Purchasing an RCA insurance from the mobile Plata RCA app is straightforward and fast. By completing vehilcle’s and owner’s data users can choose the most advantageous insurance policy. User will get the insurance in maximum 48 hrs after the payment is completed .

Also, drivers can compare in real time offers from several RCA insurance providers and order the most advantageous one in just few clicks.

So, whenever you are in search of the best RCA insurance policy or just other type of insurance whether is CASCO, house, medical to match your budget, we can advice the use of Plata RCA, as the company says ” buy an oportunity, not just an insurance”.

The website has been built in PHP with MySQL as database and jQuery for the front end.

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