Roweb launches a complete solution for restaurants!

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To address the particular needs of restaurant and pub owners, we’re launching a custom solution designed to help them grow and manage their business. It’s an online ordering system, which includes multiple components: e-commerce website, customer relationship management system (CRM), mobile apps and an application for real-time order printing, QR codes and NFC tags. All of these simplify the entire process of receiving and processing orders, which leads to more sales and less headaches.

restaurant solution process

More online & on-premises sales

Restaurant owners are enabled to sell more, both online and on premises, shorten delivery time, increase customer satisfaction level and increase customer loyalty, as well as benefit from simplified business management processes and less-stressed employees.

Restaurants, bars and pubs have been increasingly present online, through websites as well as social network profiles. We aim to help owners of this type of business take better advantage of the promotion and sales opportunities that the web has to offer.

To achieve this, first of all we build a mobile-optimized e-commerce website, which can also be accessed by scanning a QR code or NFC tag. This helps customers quickly find what they wish to order, choose between recommended products, buy take-away or book a table.

Faster service

Then the staff is notified through multiple channels – automatic printing in the kitchen, notifications on their mobile phones, email, text message or fax – and can process the requests faster and easier.

Better marketing

With the customers’ agreement, the information that they provide when they make the reservation or order can later be used for remarketing purposes, promoting special offers or new additions to the menu, keeping customers engaged and loyal and driving sales. Additionally, we enable the owners to identify opportunities for improvement and growth, by analyzing customer behavior on the website and through feedback forms.

In addition to developing these tools, we now also offer online marketing services, tailored to suit the needs of restaurant, café’s, bars and pubs.

On the dedicated page you can find more details about this solution.

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