We’re incredibly pleased to announce the launch of Searchency

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We adjust the company’s business model to pursue both the economic needs and the social impact of the services we offer, in an honest fashion way.

Searchency is part of the ongoing investment in the quality we offer to all our clients. It also marks the accepted challenge to anticipate change and adapt.

It is the solution for Instant Smart Search for any E-shop that wants to create a value-driven experience for its visitors.  Our solution incorporates the most sophisticated available technologies on the market to offer the most relevant search results.

It goes without saying that customer experience delivers direct business results: improved user experience and higher conversions.

A recent study by Forrester states that 43% of site visitors go to the search box immediately and users who complete the search are 3-5 times more likely to convert. Nonetheless, only 15% of organizations have resources dedicated to improving the search experience of the eCommerce site. We can easily see the impact of a Smart and Instant Search Solution.

We offer the following features:

Site Search Features

Blazing fast product search Blazing fast product search

Search Suggestions Search Suggestions – we know your website’s popular searches and display suggestions to help users have a faster experience.

Spellcheck and auto-correction Spellcheck and auto-correction – we fix user typos on the go and we consider grammar.

Synonyms Synonyms – let’s say your clients are searching for “baggage” or “suitcases” and you only have “luggage” in your product catalog. Our system knows they’re the same and displays the relevant products.

Search by category attributes Search by category/attributes – As a visitor types in the search box, we show the relevant categories and we consider the most relevant attributes.


By the end of 2019

Customizing your website search looks and feel – full control & flexibility on the look and feel with respect to your brand’s attributes.

Fast product filtering – our system indexes your product attributes and uses them in the filtering process

AI-powered search – understanding human language and displaying the relevant content

Merchandising – show certain products on top in connection with your marketing & business objectives

Display product banners in the search results – you create banner campaigns in the Searchency Panel and we display them in the relevant searches.

Client Panel Features

Real-time indexing Real-time indexing – your products are indexed by Searchency as soon as you add or edit products

Real-time Search StatsReal-time Search Stats – we log all search data and let you create custom analytics based on metrics that matter the most for your business. Other call this Business Intelligence

Multi-language software Multi-language software – we already speak English and Romanian and we’re now learning French, German and Spanish. Stay close for more.

Stop Words Stop Words – Identifies and manages stop words (i.e. and, to, for…) to present the most relevant search results.

Composed SearchesComposed Searches – You can also add more complex keywords as composed searches – like “hand luggage” to help users find specific products – in this case, we’re talking about the luggage they can carry inside the aircraft.


By the end of 2019

Complex Custom Analytics – actionable search insights through concrete data personalized to your business.

Custom Boosting by product attributes – Product promotions, automatic or manually, it’s up to you.

Customizing the Search Algorithm – Apply priorities to search results based on your business logic

Mobile apps (iOS and Android) – all our Client Panel functionality is available in our Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) so you can carry your search stats with you. We send you custom mobile notifications for relevant events.

Multi-Language Machine Learning (RO, EN, FR, ES) – Searchency Data Center software  is capable of learning a new language in 2 weeks.

We’re in an age when what customers think — and do — is more important than any other business factor. Customers’ expectations for improved experiences keep rising. Searchency supports the most engaging customer experience. Check the Demo. Also, if you’ve got an idea of how to make Searchency work better, suggest the features and we will implement them.

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