10 years in Roweb| Alin Burcea (anniversary interview) “IT is a field where you always have something to learn.”

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Alin Burcea interview 10 years Roweb

In what context did you start working at Roweb and what memories do you have of your first year in the company?

I have been working for Roweb since March 2014.I joined the team on the recommendation of a colleague from the university who was already working for Roweb. I met with Mirel Ionescu who gave me a series of tests that I did over the course of 2 weeks, as far as I can remember.

The most vivid memory from my beginnings in Roweb: 3 months after I was hired, a team building was organized at the sea, in Bulgaria. There I met the majority of my colleagues from that time and it was an excellent start to understand the spirit of Roweb.

What team/project are you part of at the moment and what does your activity entail?

At the moment, I develop projects together with the .Net, C# & adjacent technologies team. Because the variety of projects in which I am involved is quite large, my roles are mixed: management, software architecture, development and testing.

Your perspective after 10 years of Roweb: how did the company look then vs how does it look now? What has changed? What remained the same?

Roweb has grown a lot in the past 10 years. And this growth has obviously brought many changes. 10 years ago we were talking about a small team. Today we have a large, modern headquarters, we have colleagues from several cities in the country, it is possible to work in a hybrid remote and office mode.

What do you like most about the team you are part of?

There are many thingsThat I like in the team, but what I like the most is the bond of communication and trust that was formed in 10 years of working with the same team.

Why should junior programmers be interested in working at Roweb? The main argument would be………..

It will help you to develop correctly and with the appropriate steps to achieve your career goal, your colleagues will help you overcome the obstacles you will inevitably encounter.

Why should senior programmers be interested in working at Roweb? The main argument would be………..

You will bring your contribution – through knowledge and experience – to a dynamic team and you will also definitely learn new things from the people in the company. IT is a field where you always have something to learn.

Why should clients be interested in working at Roweb? The main argument would be………

Because he will have the opportunity to work with a team capable of digitizing any need someone wants and we can overcome any technological obstacle. We are very good at custom solutions and I think this would be just one of the arguments I would offer.

Tech perspective

What (more important) projects have you worked on so far and which is the project you liked the most? (and why?)

I have worked on various large and small projects, but I would mention 2 of them, both of them are for the US market and as, field of activity, they are from the entertainment industry – bookings for events – and the field of taxation, and the one I like the most it is the one in the tax field (a project I have been working on since the beginning of my career in Roweb).

What challenges have you encountered over time in projects and how did you choose to overcome/solve them?

Being involved in many small and large projects, some required different knowledge such as DevOps, or other technologies, things that I call challenges but also motivations. I overcame the challenges through study, trials and the help I received from my colleagues.

What plans do you have in terms of your career?

About the future I like to talk the least :). From the career point of view, I can say that I want to continue to progress, to obtain certain certifications, to be able to expand my level of knowledge, to try as much as possible to adapt to the new requirements.

If you could go back in time and give the version of yourself from the beginning of your career one piece of advice, what would it be?

Maybe I would do certain things differently, maybe I would have prioritized certain aspects such as improving communication in English.

Why did you choose a career in IT and where did your passion for IT come from?

Ever since the 5th grade, we started having a few hours a week about computer science at school and I felt that it was something I would like to do.

What were the first projects?

Among the first projects, as I said above, were for a client from the USA in the tax field. Then followed a project for a client in the UK for an NGO that helps keep the environment clean in Great Britain.

When you came to Roweb did you have a mentor? Who pushed you to go further in your career in IT?

The first contact and the person I talked to at the beginning was Mirel Ionescu, and I can say that he was like a mentor.

Personal perspective

When you’re not in front of lines of code, do you most often deal with….? (some details about your hobbies)

Ha, ha :))) I don’t have enough time for everything I like, but I will mention a few. First of all, I like to spend time with my dog, build various wooden objects, create 3D models , walk, and play video games…

Alin Burcea interview 10 years Roweb

What do you consider to be the most important assets that help you in your professional activity?

I was involved in many projects from various fields and with various technologies. I can say that this helped me a lot because I have accumulated experience in using various technologies and I can give advice about a certain situation if it is good or not to use one technology or another.

What memories do you have of your first computer?

The first computer was a 286 I think, I was in the 6th grade, but with which I made a newspaper page in Word. I hadn’t bought it, my brother had borrowed it from work, after 3 weeks I gave it back 🙂

What other job do you think you would have had if you hadn’t been a programmer

I would have liked to be an architect. I don’t know exactly what chances I really had to become an architect, but it’s definitely something I would have liked.

A quote / motto that represents you.

I’m not a fan of quotes, but if I have to think of one that represents me…


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