We’ve just opened an office in Bucharest!

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We’re proud to announce that we’re opening our 5th office, the second one this year and the first Roweb office in Bucharest!

We now have 5 colleagues working at our new office in the capital city. We aim to facilitate working with foreign clients who will be able to fly directly to Bucharest without having to come to our headquarters in Pitesti. We also want to better serve local enterprises through long-term software augmentation services partnerships as well as custom applications and, eventually, software products developed under our own brand.

We expect at first to attract clients in real estate, tourism and e-commerce, thanks to our extensive experience in working with businesses in these industries.

Our Bucharest team will be working closely with our teams in Pitesti and Craiova and will strengthen our expertise in .NET, Android, SQL, Angular, Java and JUnit testing, Typescript, Javascript, IoT technologies like Arduino and Raspberry, LINQ, Entity framework, ASP Web forms, DevExpress, Crystal reports and WCF Services.

Samples of our work

Whise Real Estate...


VMS 365

SQL Server, SQL Reporting, jQuery, Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, WebAPI, ElasticSearch, Knockout, RabbitMq, HTML5...