Top 3 eCommerce tools to help you boost sales

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The latest reports indicate that retail sales will increase constantly throughout 2015 in the US, reaching almost $5000 billion. Only the eCommerce part will experience a 14 percent increase in sales and it is predicted to hit $279 Billion. But sales are going to grow constantly worldwide in the months to come, after reaching bottom a few years ago. eCommerce retail is expected to reach 80% of the gross consumption in less than 4 years. Time has come for small business owners to find buyers online in the next few months.

Below we enroll the best value tools that webmasters and eCommerce shop owners can benefit from:

1. Optimizely

This tool best serves your interest when used to A/B test different themes, templates, layouts, copy and colors on your eCommerce store and settle for the variations that work best. With Optimizely you can perform instant testing or schedule tests, track engagement and clicks and measure conversions. If you own a small business with fewer than 2000 monthly visitors, it’s best to start with the trial version of the software. Examples of big companies using Optimizely to analyze what converts best and what’s more likely to lead to higher revenue include The Guardian, Sony, and Fab.

2. Exit Monitor

Small business owners need to focus on generating leads and optimizing conversions in order to get more sales. A high bounce rate can have a strong negative impact on business. Shoppers might leave a site for various reasons such as navigation issues, checkout problems – such issues can bring conversions to a halt. A lot of problems can be dealt with by tracking visitors’ navigation on your website.
Exit Monitor is able to track visitors’ mouse pointer movement and displays targeted and personalized offers in real time, before the visitor leaves the site, encouraging the buyer to continue browsing products or to make a purchase. Exit Monitor can be considered the right tool for you if budget is the main consideration. This tool comes with app integration capabilities, allowing you to connect email marketing tools with your customer relationship management solution, and it also generates visitors’ behavior reports.

3. Unbxd

A newcomer in this industry ranks at #3 with two personalization products: an intelligent, “context-aware” site search solution and a personalized product recommendation tool. This tool has an intelligent site search capability, which can understand user intent and is highly error-tolerant. With the tool’s ability to identify customer preferences in brand, category and price range, it was proved to increase conversion rates by 17 to 22 percent. It is compatible with all important eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify etc.

These tools offer critical insights regarding your customers behavior and important market trends, helping your business grow, reducing bouncing rates and shopping cart abandonment. Choose the one that best fits your budget and traffic volume.

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