Why Hire A Dedicated Development Team for Your Projects

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Do you really need to hire a development team, or you can count on existing employees and even put on hold some projects?

While several companies seem to be shutting down their activity, others are interested in migrating to online and turn as much as possible into digital businesses. This context sends a clear signal to all the industries: the way a company chooses to approach the market challenges defines its real chances to stay relevant in the coming months and years.

In response to the initial question, every project becomes these days essential for each business growth, so that putting projects on hold shouldn’t be an option. At the same time, recruiting new people for your company generates overwhelming costs that must be sustained during an unpredictable financial context.

So, extending your dev team without hiring new specialists seems to be the right answer to your problem. But is this even possible?

If you have a software company, you are probably already familiar with concepts like staff augmentation or managed services, and you know that both come with pros and cons, which makes your decision difficult.

But the good news is that at the intersection of these two concepts, there is a model that seems to respond to real company’s needs by providing more results scalability and more control over the costs: dedicated team.

“Every project counts” (these days more than ever) & other reasons to hire a development team

You know you need to hire a development team when:

  • you have complex and time-consuming projects;
  • you want to develop a project without risking any internal changes – like developers leaving the company or becoming unavailable during the process;
  • you intend to manage projects that may involve extended technical skills, technologies, or third-party integrations at some point.

In any of the situations above, there are at least 7 reasons why you should hire a dedicated team instead of trying to recruit new internal staff:


Every project counts for growing your company’s portfolio and providing long-term financial stability.


Your company gains expanded capabilities, being able to manage a wider range of projects.


You can count on higher efficiency. Your internal teams will continue to be focused on the main activities, while the external one will handle new projects.


You will upskill your staff and adopt new technologies through an agile approach delivered and supported by a dedicated dev team.


More data security. From GDPR-compliances to NDA agreements, you will have all the assurance that your company’s data are used based on the high-security standards approach.


Cost predictability since dedicated teams will entirely handle the project’s assets management.


You can rely on externalized management and frameworks.

Keep your projects going and expand your business capabilities by counting on a reliable dedicated development team

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Two successful dedicated team projects (from our portfolio)


Replacing a desktop solution for real estate companies with a web-basedand mobile-first solution, while migrating all of the data. Read More

hire a development team

About the client: Our client is a leading software company from Belgium, focused on real estate, and our collaboration with them started in 2004, making it our longest standing partnership.

Dedicated team: The client requested a complete project team, including back-end developers, front-end developers, designers, and a UX specialist.

You know you need to hire a development team when:

  • API: ASP.NET Web API, Nancy FX
  • Caching: Memory cache, Redis
  • Messaging: RabbitMQ, SignalR
  • Monitoring: PRTG
  • Deployment: Octopus
  • Task/Scheduling: Quartz.NET

Technology stack front-end (Javascript / HTML5):

  • HTML5, Bootstrap
  • TypeScript, KnockoutJS, jQuery,
  • lodash, Moment
  • FullCalendar, eCharts, Google Places API,
  • Bootstrap Table, Handlebars
  • Leaflet, PNotify, Select2, SweetAlert


A social networking with an open, free marketplace for micro-businessesall over the world. Read More

hire a development team

About the client: We had been working with the client since 2012 on the first version of a social commerce application. Our client approached us with a business idea that relied on social networking
to create an open, free marketplace for micro-businesses all over the world.

Dedicated team: For the second version, our team included 8 specialists (scrum master, UX designer, 6 developers). For project management, we used Scrum with 3 weeks’ Sprints, based on priorities set by the Product Owner.

Technology: Node.js, Web API Architecture, OrienteDB, Web Sockets, Braintree API, PayPal API, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5

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